Why A Bully Is A Good Friend

May 22, 2017 SebastianHeart 1

Bullies will bully when they sense someone else’s fear. Bullies are simply insecure people who have never overcame any challenges themselves. Bullies want to domineer others because it makes them less nervous about themselves. It usually is some kind of nagging, teasing, or testing. “Oh hey there little guy, how you doing? What? Are you upset because I am bullying you? What are you going to do about it huh? I guess nothing because you are too scared…

14 Overlooked Simple Things Every Man Should Do

May 9, 2017 SebastianHeart 1

1. Sweat regularly Sweating is a must. While you are sweating your body releases toxins in your skin and lets out it out through sweating. Sweat at least thrice a week. Doesn’t matter where, just do it! 2. Do not speak too much Listen more and speak less. If you talk openly about your plans and goals you trick your brain into thinking you have already completed them and you won’t work as driven on

Everything You Need To Know About Ridiculous Modern Day Feminism

April 26, 2017 SebastianHeart 20

Warning: this post contains pictures that may be considered harmful for children to watch. Update. I like to take the opportunity to make my thoughts crystal clear. I absolutely respect the women’s movement that occured before the Second World War and the 1960’s that made it possible for women to have careers, the right to vote, and the status of being an equal citizen to men by law. I honour these women who made that possible.

The High Importance of Doing Scary Things

March 31, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

Doing scary things awakens you. See that beautiful girl down the street that gives you nerves? Just go and deliver her a simple “Hi, I just wanted to come over and see what you were like” and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You might get blown off and feel a sting but it will only be temporary. Afterwards you will feel relieved you’ll be proud of your bold action. Do you

Why You Should Never Smoke Marijuana

March 13, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

I am from the Netherlands, the country where buying and consuming weed is semi-illegal. I don’t care about whether weed should be legalized or not. What I care about  is that you; the reader of my blog, should know the consequences of smoking weed, that is my concern. I am not telling to stop smoking marijuana, we live in a free world and anyone is free to do what he or she wants. I am telling you what

Be A Player

March 2, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

There’s two kinds of people on this planet… There are the spectators who watch the game from a safe distance. The spectators are not in the game. The don’t want to understand that life is simply a game like GTA and they call their God: Mr Luck. The spectators never work for their succes and never grow. The spectators actually want to be players but they are too afraid to play and fear their own

How To Cure Eczema

February 23, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

(Warning: Sebastian Heart (the author) is not a doctor. The story presented in this article is in no way equal to a certified doctor’s advice, but rather is the personal experience of the writer, with the intent of helping fellow eczema patients. How To Cure Eczema A Story By Sebastian Heart “Stop scratching!” is what you hear daily when people see you scratch. You neglect the advice because the relief for just a couple of

9 Real Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Account

February 10, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

(1) Social Media steals your focus and time Time is your most precious asset. It is the one thing you will never be able to get back. Spending your valuable time on social media outlets is one giganteous waste. You’re basically wasting hours with liking and spying on other people. That’s valuable time that instead could be spent learning or practicing things that will actually help you build a life. I know bright people who are

How To Buy A Motorbike in South East Asia – Traveling in SEA – Part II

January 27, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

 by Sebastian Heart  South East Asia Series (Part II)   On The Road (Again) Riding a bike in SEA is simply amazing because you get to see the great landscape which you’ll mostly miss if you travel by bus or airplane and on a bike you are in constant motion which feels really good. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget. One of the coolest adventures you can experience in South East Asia is riding your own motorbike