The 12 Ways To Regain Command

Pictured: Sebastian in the mountainous area of Sa Pa in Vietnam 2015, doing some good old push ups in the fresh forest mountain air.

The 12 Ways To Regain Command

By Sebastian Heart

1. Dress Yourself Well.

If you look good, you’ll feel good.

A good fitting cotton shirt with a nice pair of jeans, brown shoes, a brown leather belt with brown leather shoes looks smart.

Think of leather jackets, boots, shirts, ties, strong jeans, and a sharp watch.

Don’t buy an item if it doesn’t match any of your other clothes’ colors,  or if you are not 100% sure.

It is better to save your hard earned money than regretting spending it on clothes you are not going to wear, or that which doesn’t compliment the rest of your wardrobe.

The thing with looks is that most people believe you have to look like a model or have the looks of a movie star.

You only have to wear colors that match and clothes that fit, that’s it. That’s enough.

Brands don’t matter, matching colors and quality matters.

Make yourself look the best you can, and then make yourself look even better because if you look good you’ll just feel good.


2. Lift Weights, Do Sports, Sweat It Out.

Get to sweating.

The ‘looking good’ is a nice addition to exercising, but the best thing about it is the mental calmness, strong feeling, and increased strength you get from doing sports.

Your brain releases dopamine and other ‘feel good hormones’ which make you feel that nothing is impossible.

Through becoming stronger and bigger your capabilities in other areas of your life improve as well. It affects your entire life. You start to care less what people think about you, you start to dare to make your own decisions, you will recognize opportunities as they come by, you will become more competitive in every field with others, you’ll have a clear mind instead of a bogged one, and you will feel increased well being when you suddenly cannot fit your old t-shirts anymore.

If you’ve never trained before or done sports, you’ll meet a new friend for life. He is called: competition.

He compete’s with only one person.

And that is yourself.

Competition is a great friend because he is always there for you.

You will hear him screaming in your head you can do better!

He’s always been there, he came with the package when you were born.

You were only too lazy to listen to it, you might have neglected this great friend because you were too scared to listen to him.

Sports and weightlifting challenge you through your limits and beyond them.

If you don’t like going to the gym, play some good old competitive sports such as: rugby, swimming or mixed martial arts. Rugby teaches you some physical strength and great mental toughness while you are blasting through the opponents defense line.

Swimming builds your body as well as your endurance. Swimming is good if you have injuries from weightlifting (if you went too hard) because the swimming movement together with the weightlessness feeling in the water spurs injury repairs.

Mixed martial arts (MMA), or any other form of martial arts (Karate or Kung Fu). gives you mental and physical strength and the confidence knowing you can take down people who are bigger than you in a second.

I’ve always felt better after doing sports, never an exception.


3. Groom Right.

Wash yourself daily, shave when your beard or badgers are showing in your neck. Especially shave the hairs on the back of your neck. Wear fresh clean clothes and some fragrance.

Learn how to cut your own hair to save money.

If you are balding shave of all your hair. It is pathetic to see a man comb over his remaining hair to still look young. I love to have a short haircut, it makes me feel frisk, clean, and sharp. Just as I want it to be.

You want to be to the point, crystal clear, and as sharp as a knife.

Trim your nails, take enough sleep, and smell right.

Be as fresh as you can be.

And keep it like that.


4. Take a Cold Water Dive or a Cold Shower.

Taking cold showers or diving into cold water refreshes you on a primal level.

When you are near the sea or a clean river, just dive in it! In your underwear if you have too. Don’t fear the judgements of others. Just do it!

It feels great.

If you expose yourself for just 1 minute to cold water under the shower your heart will start pumping rigorously and your lungs will expand tremendously to generate more heath. Try not to shiver, but learn to embrace the cold. It’s good for you. It makes you mentally stronger.

If you can train yourself to take cold showers you can learn to do anything.

To do this, you have to build up a resistance which is similar to weight training. If you can hold it out for one minute in the cold, you can train to do it for two minutes. If you can do it for two minutes, you can discipline yourself to do it for three minutes. If you can do it for three minutes you can discipline yourself to do it for any number of minutes. Cold showers are better for your skin and hair as well.

Cold showers give you a necessary kick in the teeth from all those years of comfort and ease.

Check out the Wim Hof Method if you want to learn more about embracing the cold.


5. Do something you are very afraid Of.

Which can be anything.

Life is for the living baby, enjoy it!. Doing scary stuff thrills you.

Go drive motorbikes alone through some country like Vietnam, shoot guns and rifles in Eastern Europe, or go to America and see the beautiful countryside. While traveling is great fun you do not have to cross borders to do something scary.

Go talk to that girl that you fancy. Who cares!

After doing something scary you always feel better due to the hormonal release of dopamine and adrenaline. Even if you do not achieve what you were setting out to achieve, you will still feel great after going out doing it, and that is a win in itself.

It takes guts do what they want without concerning what anybody else thinks of it. The opinion of others is simply non-existent. It is like cigarette smoke, you hear it, you don’t listen to it, and then it is gone, faded away. Poof!


6. Talk to  ladies or to men.

On the train, or in the bus.

For getting into contact with women you don’t need PUA (pick up artistry) baloney, PUA is made for losers made by losers. Just make it a habit to talk to 3 women a day. Then make it a habit to talk to 4 women a day, and finally make it a habit to talk to 5 women a day. Try to flirt a little here and there and before you know it women will flock to you. Don’t force things, keep it natural.

You can learn a lot from talking to other people, especially older men and women.

I learned most things from my father and other father figures in my social circles. They were always wanting to help young bucks who are out for success.

Ask about their life story and pick their minds about how they came to be where they are now. For the next 15-30 minutes you can take notes and ask questions. Do not neglect this. Good strong fathers and father figures are an essential source of information at your disposal and are a dying breed in today’s modern feminized world.


7. Start your own Business or Project.

Starting your own business or project is literally the best thing you can do anywhere anytime, at any age.

Working for yourself does not only bring fulfillment and purpose to your life. You also get paid by yourself, you’ll learn to understand the true value of money (which is freedom) and that nothing is sure in life and you have to follow your own course.

It will make you proud, professional, and independent from others. There are a million reasons more why you should start your business but the best reason is that you can work to make yourself rich instead of someone else.

Your blood, sweat, and tears will build you a moneymaker that you own, therefore you’ll love your business. You have become your business. You are your business and your business is you.

It is the things we build with our own hands that we value the most.

8. Focus on one thing.

As a man you can at the utmost focus on two things/projects simultaneously, without leisure time.

At maximum!

If you focus at more (3 or 4 or 5), you will never master any of them or never build substantial success the areas you are active in.

This is why you need to prioritize what you do. If you decide to go to school / university that is already one project. Then you have one left which can be learning a skill (new language or playing the guitar) or building your own business. After you’re working at two of your projects you have somewhat of a third left which, telling from my own experience, can only be done for 50% at the most.

When you focus on more than 3 projects you will make a sloppy mess of all your projects. Because you constantly have to shift your attention from focus point to focus point for. This robs you of the necessary time to let the lessons ‘sink in’.

If you focus on one or two you can actually finish them or master them. If you want to become a master or champion in a certain field, it is a priority you focus on nothing else than all the ins- and outs- of that field.

Picking only one thing and focusing 100% on that one thing will get the job done earlier, easier, and more professional. For six months.

And you will get it done.

The old proverb of “one thing at a time”, is therefore as true as gold.


9. Wake Up Early.

“Waking up early makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

 – Benjamin Franklin

Waking up early is not easy but feels really good. You will feel more calm, rational, and ready when you wake up early in the morning. You can use these early hours to work on your business, projects, or do sports.

By the time you are finished with work at 09.00 am some other people are still in bed

To wake up early you must have a reason, such as working on your projects, otherwise you will just sleep on while your alarm goes off. You must be motivated. The first 10 seconds after waking up are crucial for getting out of bed. If you do not get out of bed within those 10 seconds you will fall asleep again, and you won’t come out of your bed again for the next two hours.

To wake up early, you must have a good reason to wake up early. If you decide to sleep on while you were waking up early to do something you are showing yourself that you do not value that project as much as you are telling yourself.

You’re fooling yourself, or you do not focus on only that one thing.

Working on your own business(es), projects, or other plans that are important to you will get you out of bed early.

Nothing else does the trick as well.


10. Consume Positive Media.

Do not listen to sad whiny music or watch ‘dark’ movies if you are not where you want to be.

Instead listen to good optimistic music and media that is uplifting and motivating. For instance, watch Rocky after you have seemed to lost motivation or at the night before you are going to do something scary but important. Don’t listen to whiny rap or complaining hip hop songs targeted at the government or social classes, and also avoid depressive black metal music whose lyrics cannot even be understood.

If the media you are consuming is not motivating you, delete it.

Do not let it infect your positive spirit.


11.Take action instead of Complaining.

Complaining is an utterly useless activity and a complete waste of time.

Instead of complaining to your colleagues, family, or friends you can go talk to a wall. It will have the same effect.

When somebody is constantly complaining to me I find them utterly annoying and pathetic.

When you are complaining to me you’re giving me excuses why you can’t get something or that something is unfair.

First of all, life is unfair.

Second, there is always a possibility, a chance, or additional option, to do anything, anywhere, anytime. The beauty of this life is that almost everything is possible.

When you change from a ‘can’t do’ attitude in to a can do’ attitude you will notice quickly because things you used to fear are now easy to you.

Get off your computer and go in to the world!

Quit your college/university if you do not have a reason to stay or if your parents make you go. Visit foreign countries, talk to people, listen, and take action! Build a something, even if it is small, doesn’t matter, build! But never complain. Build instead!

Blaming others for your lack of success is for cowards. Never complain!

When you complain people will lose their respect for you because you don’t have the power and capabilities to solve your own problems and you require others to do the thinking for you. When you feel the need to complain, do some sports and afterwards write down all the possible solutions for your problem(s) you can think of. Most of the time, you don’t even need the advice of other people anymore once you’ve done this, as you already realized where the problem lies and what to do about it.

Stop complaining and figure out a course of action instead!

Then execute!


12. Quit Masturbating to Pornography.

Or cut down tremendously.

When you quit masturbating to pornography you will light a fire under your ass that burns brighter than the sun.

You’ll feel driven to take care of business, you’ll have no distracting thoughts from pornography during the day when you have to focus, and you will become a thunderous beast while doing sports.

You will quickly develop a personality, some game, and character. You will be heading to girls boldly and you will recognize opportunity everywhere.

Do you really think our grandfathers were constantly watching porn and wasting their life force on a kleenex behind screens?


Of course not.

They were outside working in the blistering sun, taking care of business, and having fun while not working.

When give up the fantasies presented to you on multiple browser tabs, and instead go out in the world to make your fantasies come true, you’ll truly realize how pathetic and disastrous internet pornography really is.

When you quit pornography you build up a magnetic force that draws positive people to you and repels people with negative energy away from you. You will be seriously annoyed by idiots and time wasters and instead you will connect to men who are have the same goals and aspirations as you have.

Masturbation alone is just fine, don’t worry about that. The excess pornography is what’s bad.


  1. Dear mr Heart

    So do you still masturbate on sundays??? because you also dres sup fancy on sunday so i thought manybe then you also dont masturbate! And also where in the netherlands live th emost innocent girls??


    • 1. I don’t masturbate 7 days out of the week, more on that later
      2. I also do not dress up ‘sup fancy’, I dress to look good.
      3. The Netherlands has, like every other country, a lot of different girls. Innocent shy girls can be found everywhere, in every country, on every street. You got to keep your eyes open, innocent girls will never make the first move. You gotta pursue them a little bit, you will not find them being overly drunk, taking drugs, or jammering and complaining about everything.

    • Yes, ladies should stay clean, healthy, and beautiful. Act like a lady and you will get treated like one, act like a bitch and you will get treated like one.

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