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  1. Dear mister Heart,

    After you’re recent post over the abstinence of regular masturbation about pornography, I decide to try. My dog has not seem to grow more like me. On the contrary, while I sit on my couch, masturbating, she came up to me, and angrily, bit e my leg.

    Of course, I don’t blame you for such a random event. Nevertheless, do you have any advice on making oneself more likeable to dogs/ making dogs less aggressive in general? Sorry for long text and bad spech English is not first language of me.

    ps. I like you’re blog! Please make more post in future. I try quit smoking now thank you!

    • Thanks for the compliments Alexander, and sorry to say, but I think it is funny that your dog bit your leg for masturbating.

      If you masturbate too much, (say 5 times a day), you’re wasting all your energy and strength, and so you have no energy to give to other people/animals. Masturbating once in a while is fine, it is just like sex. But with internet pornography some people literally sit all day behind their computers, wasting their power. More on this later…

      I’ve been told that this website is quite good for learning how to deal with dogs.

      Dogs respond well to a strong master, one needs to teach his or her dog firm boundaries. Otherwise the dog won’t know how to behave and just do whatever it wants. I saw this happening with dogs from relatives who weren’t firm with their dogs, their dogs just did whatever they wanted all the time, and their masters were confused and angry all the time, because they had no control over their dog.

      The dogs become unhappy because they did not know their boundaries and their masters become unhappy because their dogs behaved like assholes.

      It is not about becoming more likeable to the dog, it is making the dog more likeable to yourself.

      Dogs respond very well to strength and good masters, so be firm on your behavior to the dog. Reward good behavior (when she listens to your commands), and punish bad behavior (such as dog aggressiveness, not listening etc.) 100% of the time and your dog will respect you, listen to you, and love you.

      Good luck!


  2. Dear Sebastian,

    Do you have any tips on how to stay focused on going to the gym every day? I skip sometimes because I’m lazy. How can I stop this?

    • Hello Commandregainer,

      You must prioritize what is most important to you, is spending time with friends, watching television or playing video games more important to you than building a fitter, stronger body? If that is the case, prioritize for yourself what you actually want.

      I’d say: cut time from those activities and stack one hour a day where you will workout.

      Make working out a number 1 or 2 goal and stick to that goal by following a schedule (make on yourself or find one on internet). Stick to that damm’ schedule for 30 days and you will learn something valuable about yourself in the process.

      The codeword is: discipline

      The most important part is that you stick to what you initially set out to do. Do it for 30 days and then keep doing it for 30 days more, and 30 more…

      Working out will become addictive if you keep at it for 30 days straight.

      Some personal tips:

      1. Wake up early around 7 am to go to the gym
      2. Eat healthy throughout the day, forget about snacking
      3. Write out your goals and make a schedule, mark the schedule as you go along (to keep yourself accountable)
      4. Hang out with people who support your goal
      5. Delete all negative music from your iPod, phone, or computer and replace it with positive media
      6. Watch the movie: Rocky, the greatest movie of all time
      7. Find a gym buddy, together you stand stronger
      8. It’s better to show up at the gym every day and do a little work, than to not show up at the gym at all.
      9. Take a notebook with you to the gym to record all the reps x weights you did. In this way you can see your progress.

      Hope that helps, good luck buddy!


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