How To Quit Smoking

How To Quit Smoking

From the desk of Sebastian Heart

No one truly enjoys smoking cigarettes, yet many people cannot let go of smoking.

Smoking is a social drug, usually because smokers are not comfortable in their own skin in public areas or social habitats, so they need that nicotine high to function. Being addicted to smoking feels tremendously bad and it is uncomfortable. Your mind is designed to keep you busy, and by smoking, you are participating in an activity to keep your mind from worrying. But when you are not smoking, you are worrying about the smoking itself, which creates a loophole. I’ve smoked for two years in my life and after those years I decided to break the smoking habit.

I am with you. I know what it feels like to be dependent on tobacco, and I also know what it feels like to be totally free from needing tobacco. It is not impossible, and if you follow my advice, it will be done easy peasy Japaneasy.

To stop smoking, you need to change the mindset of needing to smoke, into the mindset that smoking is an addition to your life. Your emotional urge to light a cigarette or cigar is overruling your logical brain (usually for the short term pleasure over the understanding that it is not adding anything to your life, but only subtracting form it).

You can even believe that the addictive activity you are participating in is good for you, because the nicotine rush makes you feel good for some minutes. That you are neglecting primary responsibilities for yourself or your family, your mental or physical health, necessary for long term living is not important to you. You want to live now. So you light one up to feel high.

Simply said: you and every other smoker do not truly enjoy smoking.

It’s a loophole.

It’s all consumption of tobacco, consuming more and more.

Which luckily for you, can be changed. Through conscious decisions you make to cease smoking.

You always feel very bad the day after you’ve smoked, your lungs are clogged, your breath stinks, and your brain is fogged. We all know the feeling and it’s not good for us.

All conversations smokers have between themselves are usually about smoking or quitting smoking. Smoking is a habit, it is enforced every time you smoke a cigarette until you feel you cannot live without it.

Ceasing to smoke is also a habit, it is enforced every time you make that conscious decision to abstain from smoking.

Fortunately, quitting smoking is not hard, if you do it the right way, it is dead simple.

At least if you want it and work for it.

I assume you want it, otherwise you would stop reading here. I’ll keep it short, simple, and to the point.

First of all, you must want it, and be honest about it.

Smoking should be an addition to your life, such as when you are celebrating a victory, a party, or at a social event.

Smoking should not be a necessity every time you are at a social event so that you don’t feel nervous.

I now feel 100% comfortable at any social event.

I know people who say they are contend smokers, and although I don’t understand them, I respect their decision.

It’s their life.

And you live your life.

So if you want to stop being dependent on smoking, write it out: : ” I will cease to smoke for 30 days from (month, day, year to month day year). ”


Second, you must work for it. You have to fight that needy feeling in your brain. Those silly emotions that come up when you see a cigarette and make you crave one. The cravings usually stay for around 30 days, and later on they come sporadically and hit you up when you think about smoking, although those later temptations are much lighter than the initial urges in the 30 days.

This craving might come back months later, but you’ll recognize them straight away when it comes. You’ll simply tell yourself that you cease to smoke.

Not today, is what you’ll tell yourself.

You have to realize that those emotions are just brain noise, it’s all in your mind. Let it race at you, but do not give in to it. It is not your body asking you to smoke. It is the emotional memories you had of the ‘good times’ when you were smoking. The only thing you seem to forget is, that the good times were not dependent on cigarettes, but on good company. You did not spend your time having fun with cigarettes, but you spend it with people. Can you imagine sitting at a table as the only human with 5 other cigarettes drinking and having fun? That is because other people can make us happy, but cigarettes do not make us happy.

I’ll tell you, its a whiny little voice that comes up, but it feels like its’ constantly there, for the first few weeks.

Put an apple in the mouth  of that tiny whiny voice every time your hear it and flush it down the toilet.

Think this every time you hear it.

“But Sebastian, I’ve tried to quit smoking for at least 137 times, and it is super hard to quit. Why are you saying it is not hard?”

Because you want to quitfor the rest of your life. This is the assignment you give yourself and it is a huuuuuge one.

Do not tell yourself to: quit smoking. If you say this to yourself it will be the same as saying: I quit showering. It’s ridiculous. It’s the extreme.

It is extremely hard to accept if not impossible that you will not be doing an activity for the rest of your life. Everybody wants to quit smoking but to do it you must consciously tell yourself to cease from smoking.

We are all humans and we are all emotional beings. Stating that you will quit for the rest of your life is ridiculous. It’s a tremendous amount of weight suddenly placed on your shoulders. Especially when you tell this to other people. You’re placing your reputation and sincerity on the line when you’re going around town telling everyone you’re quitting smoking. Because when you can’t handle the abstention period and start smoking again, people will see you’re failing, and they will tell each other: “I knew he/she wasn’t going to make it” to justify their own addiction. And that hurts you, because you went for it and it had cost you a lot of effort. The fear for that pain is what will crumble your future attempts to quit eventually.

I would bet money against people who say they are going to quit every time.

I would bet money for people who are saying they are going to cease to smoke every time.

You cannot run and hide from quitting an addiction because it is a habit. You must not hide from public areas where you used to smoke such as: bars, your friends houses, or when going out, fearing that you will start lighting one up again

It’s best to still go to bars, still hang out with your smoker friends (if they are supportive), and still do everything you liked to do before you wanted to quit smoking. Do not run and hide from the places and activities where smoking can be involved, but face your temptations there straight on.

Show some guts, show some balls, take the bull by the horns. Let it make you more mentally tough. That is why beating the smoking addiction can be a great way to grow mentally. You’re overcoming yourself. It can define you if you let it, or you can take the bull by the horns and show yourself who’s boss over your body.

You’ ll find out what you’re made of in this way. You put yourself to the test. It’s scary, but even if you fail you’ll get to know yourself better.

To kill that addiction part of you, you got to choke it. And here’s how you do it


1.  Do not run and hide from the places you liked to visit where you used to smoke.

Go hang out with your friends, smoker friends (if they are supportive), and visit the smoker areas you liked to visit before. Only this time, hold this in the back of your head: “I will cease to smoke.” and stick to it the entire night every time you think of smoking. This will be hard the first few days, but it will soon become easier, and easier, until you almost will feel no urge at all.


2. Throw away all your cigarettes, or smoke the packs you still have as quickly as possible (in one day preferably).

Simply don’t buy new packs, and when someone offers you a cigarette say: I don’t smoke. In this way, you do not place a tremendous boundary on your life pattern, you don’t place your reputation to others on the line, and there is way less to no pressure.

You already have enough to deal with by losing the smoking habit in the first few weeks, you do not want to worry about people checking in to see if you can still hold it out from not smoking.

And now it’s up to you. And you’ve got to do it. No one can do it for you. And no one is going to evaluate your performace as if you are going to climb out of some pit.

Just like the Matrix, you’ve got to walk through that door by yourself.

Leave the useless and worthless cigarettes behind you, after all they will still be there in case you should want them.


3. Understand that you always still have the option to smoke, but now you cease to do itYou are not placing a huge sign on yourself as with saying you are quitting. You simply cease to do it.

There is much, much less pressure.

By doing this, you learn to live without smoking ‘under the radar’. People will offer you a cigarette and you simply say:

“No thanks, I don’t smoke.”

If they knew you smoked before they might make a silly questioning face, and then you simply repeat what you just said.

“Thanks, but I don’t smoke.”

It’s not their problem, it’s yours, and you’re taking care of it.

It takes about 30 days in which your body will lose the ‘ itch ‘ for tobacco. The rest is all in the mind.

To quit smoking you are actually not quitting smoking, you are consciously choosing to live for yourself, a better version of yourself.

That is the real fear you have to confront. Smoking addicts feel fear when they know cigarettes aren’t around. It is basically the same fear a child has when he or she loses his or her parents at a train station or in a busy city hub. Smokers feel that they are dependent on cigarettes, because their emotions to smoking are stronger than their willpower to overcome those feelings. If this is you, take up this challenge!

You want to live without being dependent on tobacco, without risking nasty diseases and conditions, and without a restless urge and itch haunting your inner self?

Then say it serious, say it in their eyes, and then your brain will take you serious, and the other people will also take you serious.

Being addicted to something can feel like you are stuck in a pit, with smoking, some people feel they are stuck in a pit with other smokers. Everyone who says they are going to quit, is saying: “I am going to climb out of this pit”. And then the rest is going to watch them climb.

When you say: “I am not stuck in a pit = I don’t smoke.” Then there is no pit, there is no challenge, and you’re almost free to go and do what you want, without smoking cigarettes.

I’ve done it, that means you can do it too.

Throw away all that weakness, all that bullshit, all that dependence on tobacco.

Start to live for yourself, not for being part of some group who decides to harm themselves because of self pity, or for needing to smoke. Have an own identity, not a group-think.

It’s their fault they cannot change their smoking habits.

It’s your fault if you cannot change yours.

To stop smoking you have to start walking away from smoking. You cannot kill the addiction with one strike. You have to suffocate it. Leave it be. Leave it behind you. Forget about it.

So you write it out: : ” I will cease to smoke for 30 days “.

Sign it with blood if you have to.


(Your name + Date)

(Your signature)

After 30 days you’ll laugh and see how easy that actually was.


You’ll get a stronger mindset, healthy lungs, and a clearer brain together with pockets full of cash money $$$ from not wasting it on expensive tobacco that rise in price each year.


  1. Smoke your last pack or throw it away.
  2. Don’t tell yourself and others you’re going to quit smoking. Tell yourself and others that you simply don’t smoke. 
  3. It takes around 30 days for the body to lose the itch for tobacco, the rest is all in your mind.
  4. Your emotional brain may come and ask you later on to smoke again after 30 days But now you´ll simply say ´no´ to that son of a bitch.  Stopping the smoking addiction is suffocation process, just like smoking cigarettes slowly suffocates you, you’re going to suffocate that addiction feeling now by neglecting it every time until it dies inside of you and leaves you alone.

Oh, and by the way.

  • I am quitting smoking vs. I don’t smoke.
  • I am quitting drinking vs. I don’t drink.
  • I am quitting gambling vs. I don’t gamble.
  • I am quitting drugs vs. I don’t do drugs.
  • I am quitting playing video games vs. I don’t play video games.
  • I am quitting wasting time vs. I don’t waste time.


  • For more health, happiness, and strength, check out the Wim Hof Method. Especially if you are a smoker or smoked before, the simple breathing exercises and cold exposure are a great way to cleanse and heal your body from all toxins and residues. The simplest solutions is usually the best.

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