Why You Should Quit Masturbating to Internet Pornography

I believe indulging in a daily masturbating ritual to pornography is detrimental to your success and physical and mental wellbeing. If you happen to be embarrassed upon reading the title of this article, I understand your feelings. It is a taboo topic. But a very relevant one, and a very interesting one.

Why You Should Quit Masturbating to Pornography

Also Known As:

The Transmutation of Sexual Energy

= Focusing your sexual energy into creativity, drive, passion, and mental clarity,

From Sebastian Heart

There is a big problem with freely accessible wide range high speed internet pornography these days. Guys all over the world are spending their precious moments in the shadows living out fantasies in front of a screen. They are wasting their time and their balls to gain a little pleasure. instead of taking life by the balls, and having that pleasure.

Over consumption in masturbation, sexual fantasies, and pornography in general are detrimental to your success and well being if you consume it every day. Pornography is such a distracting force that now entire legions of men are obsessed with watching other people having sex on their computer screens.

After a masturbation session the brain experiences a tremendous come down, all the excitement, all the stimuli, and all fantasies further settle in. After this euphoria, you feel ‘dog tired’, drained from all drive to accomplish or work. No need to succeed when you’re already satisfied. You’re literally wasting your life force for a fantasy, for a quick pleasure, on the internet nota bene. 

Your reward system kicks in, just like it should after actual sex.

By masturbating to a fantasy on a screen your brain rewires itself to think that you have already did something ‘spectacular’.

The only problem is;

No spectacular thing ever happened.

You wasted your drive for a visual fantasy, for a quick pleasure.

The worst thing is, is that eventually you aren’t turned on by your initial fixes anymore, and you have to search for more extreme pornographic scenes. Eventually you have are aroused by only hardcore pornographic scenes that are for your information: not normal and do not portray a realistic image of what real sex is like.

We all know the feeling of being extremely tired after a masturbation session. The drive to create or work on something worthwhile is completely gone. And for the rest of the day, there’s no energy for that day left.

Masturbation saps you of that precious energy and really rewires your brain to reward you for nothing significant. The reward system gives you a temporary high and rewards you for stimulating yourself, not for having a loving relationship, building something useful, showing your balls, or any significant other.

When you stop spanking the monkey 3 times a day, you feel an old power coming inside of you. You become solid again, like when you were a child or teenager, there is something inside you, a magnetic force that draws women and men with positive energy towards you, and it repels those with negative energy.

This power might be difficult to tame if you’ve never learned how to, it will be hard not to masturbate if you have never intentionally ceased to do it.

I felt tremendous energy building up inside my core, it’s a power you must learn to harness, because it as wild as a crazy horse when you haven’t mastered it. It is quickly lost when one falls back into the masturbating circuit. I always felt annoyingly tired and brain drained after a session in the afternoon, and it was easy for me to give up on tasks I still had to do that day. I was slothful, negative, insecure, complaining, and overall a complete bitch.

I first heard of the idea of ceasing when I was 20, and although it rang a bell inside of me, I still masturbated a lot. I always reasoned around the fact that I deserved it or needed to have it. I kept at it, and therefore also did not develop further. I was stubborn.  I relapsed many times, for weeks and days. But eventually I started ceasing for weeks, then for months, and eventually years. I kept at resisting it, and eventually when I was 22, I decided to abstain from masturbating all together for the duration of my two month trip to Vietnam, it was one of the best things I did in my entire life so far.

Leonardo DaVinci did it. The Egyptians and Romans purposely did it, and I believe everyone should try it at least.

I recorded the effects of quitting masturbating to internet pornography in a personal journal for over two years, they include:

  1. Able say the most powerful word in the world: “No” to things I don’t want.
  2. Less distress
  3. Not worrying about small stuff
  4. Feeling more relaxed / calm
  5. More euphoria when around other people / family
  6. More eustress (good stress)
  7. More aggressive (competetive) in sports, and weightlifting
  8. Mentally stronger (gave up the ‘giving up’ mentality / installed the “I Will” mentality / winners drive.)
  9. Started to seriously hate losing, not accepting defeat.
  10. Mentally calm / focussed / able to focus on what had to be done during the entire day
  11. More: ‘in the moment feelings / in the zone feelings during work, school, or at the nightlife’
  12. No dying need to consume anymore (such as alcohol, cigarettes, snacks, and calorie rich foods, potato chips, french fries.)
  13. Became numb to commercials and advertisements / they became seriously annoying.
  14. Being annoyed when around time wasting people who just want to ‘hang around’ all day.
  15. No need to have the latest iPhone / sound system / or other ‘doo dat’ gadget.
  16. Easier to brutally flirt with girls and women.
  17. Easy to keep eye contact with people,
  18. When I masturbated, my face looked older, tired, and exhausted. (I noticed)
  19. When I abstained, my face looked younger, energetic, and radiant (I’ve been told)
  20. When I abstained, I was bursting with energy, ready to explode in the gym or during work.
  21. Easier to be brutally honest to people, for which they respected me (not giving bullshit, but telling them the real deal truth)
  22. Able to speak my mind / ask for what I want
  23. Able to concentrate on difficult problems for a long duration
  24. Problems actually become fun to solve, not tedious
  25. My eczema was worse during relapses
  26. Physically stronger / able to
  27. Less patience for bullshit of other people
  28. A much stronger gut feeling about what is right and what is wrong
  29. Hungry for success
  30. Muscles became denser, stronger
  31. Heightened smell
  32. Larger pupils
  33. Better taste when eating food / I could smell and sort out the high fresh quality meat from low / fast food / freezer meat instantly.
  34. More demanding of people who ask me favors / reciprocity
  35. Easy to negotiate the price down on street markets (to around half)
  36. It becomes easy to ask for what you want.
  37. Much easier to cooperate with other people / teamwork
  38. Quick understanding that teamwork beats individual performance
  39. No shameful feelings towards actions done in the past / vision on the present.
  40. Goal oriented / Instead of pleasure oriented
  41. Achieving goals became my new addiction
  42. Stronger skin / better skin texture
  43. ‘Hawk Eye’ sharp vision
  44. Warmer hands / I have chronic cold hands
  45. Better digestion
  46. Food tastes better
  47. Music sounds better, deeper.
  48. Art became powerful / interesting again
  49. Women become more attractive, being around attractive women becomes energetic / euphoric.
  50. Not only aroused by big boobie ‘porn star types’, more attraction towards real women.
  51. Very easy to connect with women and men
  52. Living more in the moment
  53. Feeling more independent
  54. Feeling angry / restless / hungry for more, when I am not producing anything
  55. Small tasks cost no energy
  56. Big tasks feel rewarding afterwards
  57. Easier to get into a consistent rhythm with work / waking up / life
  58. Enormous appreciation for nature, our planet, and other animals (respect mother nature)
  59. Enormous appreciation for my family, my parents, and every person who honestly works to make a living
  60. Disgust for ”twenty’ somethings who are constantly complaining, time wasting, and over-consuming, while being unemployed and lazy.
  61. Better relationship with my father and mother
  62. Feeling like flying as an eagle during the day
  63. Hungry to take up challenges every day

Overall = An explosion of Energy

Doing things I used to be scared of was now as easy as walking through a wall made of paper.

The only ‘problem’ I had was that I was getting too stressed at work sometimes, as well as school, and socially. I wanted to do everything ‘perfect’. I was literally up from morning 7 am to at night 11 pm, active all day. Of course I don’t mind this when work needs to be done and such long days didn’t even feel like effort to me.

Nonetheless this took a toll on my sleeping pattern where I needed to get calm in the evenings (not spend time behind a computer working, but instead socializing with other people, being relaxed, or reading a good book.)

I lifted more weights in the gym, than ever before, I sometimes even felt restless if I hadn’t gone to the gym that day.

I believe that masturbating to fantasies rewires your brain to reward unfruitful behavior and through abstaining from it, you quickly reboot back into your primal self, which rewards fruitful behavior. You will start to understand the values of: money, women, comradeship, sex drive, humor, and accomplishment.

I saw a lot of visions of my childhood memories when I stopped masturbating, my memory became sharper and I could win arguments easier because I just sensed when the other person would go off course. I felt my mind was always fired up.

The power to create life is literally wasted in your hands if you masturbate, when you waste that power, you become powerless. Instead of wasting it in a tissue, safe it up and let if fuel you. Or give it to a girl you truly appreciate. When you waste that power you waste also the opportunities that come around the next few days , because you have to return from that tedious come down and fight the feeling of tiredness.

And when you have sex with a real live girl your drive rises even higher and you feel even better, because that is what that reward system is intended for.

It is the transmutation of sexual energy

Give yourself the fuel for the fire

Saddle up!

  • Check out these 90 pages full of experience of others,
  • The Great Porn Experiment | Ted Talks Lecture on the problem with internet pornography and youngsters after wide range internet pornography was introduced to the world.
  • Masturbating is fine if you don’t have a girlfriend, keep it to one day a week (like Sunday). Totally abstaining from any sexual desire is unhealthy and will turn you into a monk.
  • The problem is for example: masturbating 5 times a day, every weekday for months and months. Again, keep it to once per week.
  • Masturbating does not have the same health benefits as sex.



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