Have A Mission

Have A Mission

by Sebastian “V12” Heart

A life without a mission is an empty life.

It is mostly a cycle of: work, girls, food, sex, consumption, and social events.

Many people go through this cycle these days, developing a condition we now know as: “being depressed”.


There are no reasons to ever be depressed considering the the options the internet gives us these days.

(internet = all the information you need, billions of options, and worldwide connectivity)

We are now safe and comfortable, and so most of us choose to indulge in a weekly ritual of decadence and short term pleasures just to overcome that boredom.

Some are unaware of the possibilities of the internet, others are aware but still do not take action (thinking they’ll do it later).

But later doesn’t exist, it is now or never.

Everything has become easier, opportunities have arised that were unthinkable 50 years ago.

You can make money off the internet, you can meet all kinds of interesting people on the internet, you can even buy everything you want off this internet.

All those short term pleasures are great for just passing the time but they aren’t the answer to your void, emptiness, or ‘depression’.

Short term pleasures will give you a temporary high feeling but that’ll pass once the source of the pleasure is gone.

Pills. antidepressants, and exercising will not fill your void. A mission is required.


A mission will fill you up and fuel your fire to keep you burning passionately over the fact that you haven’t accomplished it yet. The source of your high will come from inside you and the high will last for as long as your mission takes to accomplish.

You have something to accomplish now, whether it is to develop a safer, more advanced car, creating or fixing your country, or providing better living conditions for your family.

Missions can be good or bad. You can do good and see more good coming towards you, or you can do bad and see your actions eat at your soul, until it has been eaten away.

Or you can do nothing, and keep shoveling pills down your throat.

Find a mission and get obsessed with it.

Missions come and go. A mission will find you, or you’ll find your mission. (if you keep your eyes open)

The real question is, are you going to step aboard that train once it passes you by?

Will you accept the mission once it reveals itself to you?

Will you have the guts?

Keep your eyes open, and be prepared to take action when your opportunity arises.


How to choose a mission? 

The best missions are those that are almost impossible to accomplish.

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