Stop Drinking The Supermarket Milk

Stop Drinking The Supermarket Milk

– Our Milk and Meat exposed –

by Sebastian Heart


This isn’t a happy article, it is an article in the ‘cold truth series’.

I’ve stopped drinking milk completely for over a year due to a tip from a friend of mine. Since then I’ve experienced tremendous health benefits. My gut problems became less, my eczema flared up less, and I felt calmer and stronger. For these reasons I decided to undertake some quality research into our milk, and what I found out simply shocked me. I want to share this with your, because I feel you should know this.

The current dairy and meat industries are nothing what your wild imagination can think off. Our farms are filled to the brim with animals with the sole purpose to produce. Dairy farmers all over the world treat their cows in ways you can’t even imagine until you have see it with your own eyes. It’s agonizing.

Once you see this brutality you can do two things.

  1. Close your eyes, mind, and emotions and ignore it.
  2. Do something about it.

While the television, supermarkets, and commercials want to give you happy images of the meat and dairy industry, I’m going to tell you the truth that I’ve seen with first hand experience.

Let us start,

Milk Inc.

Good ol’ fashioned natural cow milk is supposed to be fat-protein rich, white-yellowish of color, a bit slimy, and very fat when. It is supposed to be consumed straight from the cow and not to be stored in a fridge for long.

The supermarket version however, is pasteurized, thinned out, teeth white, 0% fat poor protein quality milk full with stuff you do not want in your body. Raw milk (straight from the cow) simply tastes and looks different from supermarket milk.


(Source: Collective-Evolution.Com)

Raw milk is the good stuff because it is straight from the cow! It’s full with good fats and proteins that makes:

  1. your body strong
  2. your gut healthy
  3. your mind smarter

‘Sounds good, neh?’

There are even sourced stories on how raw milk and quality nature products can cure diseases that our medical doctor’s label: ‘uncurable’.

Everytime I see someone drink raw milk for the first time, their eyes go wide and their smiles go up ‘Whoah’ is what I hear.

Everyone unconsciously knows that products which come straight from nature are the best, but it is due to lack of time, money, or simply habit that we keep buying the supermarket products.

The white milk that we buy in the supermarket tastes so different, due to the intense processes of:

  1.  pasteurization,
  2. milk whitening.
  3. addition of anti-bionics to the cows during its lifetime.
  4.  sugars and taste enhancers.
  5. terrible lives of the cows on the farms.

Heard this before from: fellow customers, your family, your friends, and neighbors? When talking about raw milk.

  • ‘I don’t want to drink milk that doesn’t taste sweet. It has to be thinned, tasteless, and smooth!’
  • ‘The milk has to have ‘zero fat percentage! Otherwise I’ll get fat!’
  • ‘I am not gonna pay up for some milk you hear me!’
  • ‘It has to be crystal white, otherwise I’m not so sure that it really is milk!.’
  • It has to be boiled down completely in order to strip it off its natural healthy spores and cultures that I am told is bad for me!”

Our modern day milk has to pass so many tests to be considered ‘safe’ for drinking and to satisfy consumer demand that the whole milk product has been overhauled completely.

The milk we buy at the supermarket is infamous to cause a lot of allergies among children and adults. What the doctor call’s a simply ‘milk allergy’ is nothing but simple, it is not strange in fact to have a reaction to milk when you know what’s gone in the milk that you are drinking. Modern day milk has been related to acne, eczema, and even cancer from all those required processes and added chemicals to make the milk a ‘super product’.

The FDA and other ‘gumballs’ crack down on real raw milk because they are aware of the enormous health benefits it has, and it would cut the profits of pharmaceuticals tremendously. Raw milk’s properties are the milk fat and milk proteins which are the buidling blocks of life. We are talking about the power of nature here people! It is truly insane how far we’ve gone away from what’s good for us to what is causing us harm.

“Raw milk is dangerous to drink says the owner of the supermarket.”

Cow’s Fun Farm Lives

Welcome to the Dairy farm folks!

At the dairy industry a cow’s life starts after with the brutal separation between mother cow and baby cow just minutes after birth. Through the instant separation the animals will never establish a real mother-child connection. Through isolating the calf from the mother the calf enters this world with traumas, fears, and loneliness.

The male calfs are merely seen as a byproduct in the dairy farms, and are immediately sent off to the chopping machine, goodbye!

The female calfs will undergo the same sad fate as their mothers. They are forced to consume the cheapest food such as grains and corn and become a machine for milk and meat production.(which comes back to poor milk quality, as real cows eat grass or hay). All to constantly produce milk ’round the clock’.

The female cows are injected with potent growth stimulants which causes their bodies to grow dis- proportionately fast and  it makes their sex organs produce five to six times the natural amount of milk. This requires all the cow’s life energy to be solely used for the production of milk, stressing all other bodily functions such as the immune system and hormone production (those growth stimulants also effect your much desired milk).

Furthermore, the cows are constantly kept pregnant through artificial semination so they keep on producing milk. Being pregnant is a very stressful state for any living being, while the cows are in a pregnant state the cow increases massively in weight and has a lot of trouble maneuvering aroundin their already tight compact living spaces.

On the farms, the horns of the cows are brutally removed and their ear drums are sprung with gas to make them deaf. They are packed together into tiny compartments in massive halls where they cannot freely walk and are all situated solely to produce milk, meat, or offspring, until they die (we all have seen these photos). A cow naturally lives 25 to 30 years, but in the farms their lives are shortened to 4 or 5 years, all the while living in brutal conditions.

I’ve got some Real Beef

The beef and the milk that you buy at the supermarket is not the natural beef and milk we had 50 years ago. Raw milk is supposed to be really fat and very healthy for children and calfs, because it contained a lot of fat and natural proteins that enhance the immune system of any living being. Some might need to get used to the taste of it, but it makes you big, strong, healthy, and smart!

And real raw cow meat is supposed to be red and white, not just red.


Some great looking Rib Eyes taken from O’Connor Beef

  • versus

This supermarket steak below:


You see those white lines in O’Connor’s beef? Those are grown veins. When you are buying meat you should always check if the white lines are present. Seeing those lines is a sign that the animal has moved around (a lot) in his life (used his muscles). You’ll never see those on supermarket meat, because that meat comes from animals that rarely move around and are mostly indoors all the time.

I pay around 10 to 14 dollars $ for one of those big juicy steaks.

But it’s well worth it.

The quality of this real wild meat is unbelievable! It tastes so good that once you’ve tasted it you’ll only buy meat from respected butchers ever again.

Due to the facts:

  1. That these cows get to eat fresh grass, instead of being force fed with cheap corn.
  2. These cows only experience eustress in their lives, whereas mass consumptions cows experience constant disstress on a day to day basis.
  3. Cows are not regularly injected with potent steroids, anti-biotics.
  4. Cows are nearly always kept outdoors in the fresh air.

The meat from the supermarket has also been colored red in a processing factory, to fool you into believing it is actually bloody, if the color spraying wouldn’t be there the real color would be closer to red-brown.

The milk and beef we buy at the supermarket has been enhanced so much, that they’ve been completely stripped off the natural nutritious properties they used to have(no matter what they place on their packages, it’s all changed).

You’ll also simply taste it the first time you’ll have some real raw milk or real grass fed beef.

It’s like an orgasm in your mouth.

To top this all off, you damage your own health by consuming these ‘foods’ because they are filled with lots of anti-biotics, colors and taste enhancers, and cleansers which slowly but surely will affect your immune system and overall well-being.

Get Good Meat

Not the bad meat, that you buy for two dollars $ fifty at the supermarket

I buy my meat and milk from a respected butcher which get’s his meat from a known farmer that lets his cows outside daily. He uses no anti-biotics, and only slaughters when  he feels that ‘the time is ripe’.

I pay around triple to quadruple the price that I would otherwise buy for supermarket meat for this meat, but to me that is a normal price for such good quality.


I eat a big fat steak once every week, on Saturday, to end my week. The rest of the week I am a vegetarian (vegetables, rice, beans) because good meat costs good dollars $.

But every time I cook my fatty steak that I bought for 4 to 5 times the normal price (12 euro’s or 14 dollars $), I get a supreme taste experience like heaven and I know I get much more proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins than I would get out of supermarket meat. Also, I know I don’t contribute to cruel and inhumane treatment and that is good for karma.

I won’t have it any way else.


Choose good quality over good quantity

‘Pay Up, it’s your health we’re talking about here.’

Get good karma!

Eat Good MeatDrink Real Raw Milk



-Sebastian Heart



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