How To Meditate And Become Balanced Again

Recently I overheard a conversation I’ve heard a million times before. I listened to twoe two guys who were talking on a terrace.

The conversation they had was about life and every aspect of it, especially life’s choices.

The first guy was nervously stating all his problems like a little kid: “I’m worrying so much about everything, all night I am thinking, twisting, and turning and I cannot seem to come to a decision. By the time I take a decision, I never know if I take the right one.”

The guy listening was simply nodding and sipping his drink while looking at the women passing by.

Even though both guys dressed in excactly the same fashion and spoke the same way, everyone could sense both projected a very different vibe.

The first guy was obviously chaotic, undirected, and unbalanced.

The second guy seemed definetly stable, directed, and balanced.

And I believe he was aware of that.

Do you remember the time you were a kid? You had no fear, no axniety and no insecurities?. No plan or idea buzzing in your head but just trusting your gut feelings and inner voices? Always ready to play and do things that might be scary but also fun?

Then adulthood came and it seemed all those qualities were considered ‘wrong’ or ‘unresponsible’ and now you had bills to pay. You changed from a calm and relaxed state into a slightly stressed and worried state.

What happened? How did I became this?

Your state changed. You adopted to a different way of life and with that adoption came a change in attitude and state. You started to let others control you. You started to listen instead of speak up. You became a slave instead of a free person.

Instead of being in that anxious and stressed state, you should be in a state of calmness, rest, and balance. To change from a stressed, anxious, and in a ‘waiting” attitude to a calm and ready state is simply a choice. Which will result in much more opportunities that present themselves just for you on the spot.

You will never take opportunities or spot them when you are chaotic, undirected, and unrested. That makes you blind to spot lady opportunity.

Lady opportunity is spotted by those who are strong, clear and directed. Those who live on purpose by choice!

That choice is made through changing your daily routines.

There’s two things you need to do on adaily basis to get back into that balanced state:

(1) Daily Exercise and (2) Daily Mediation

Daily exercise is eseential because it will boost your confidence and turns you into a man. A 20 minute daily workout of 100 pushups, 100 squats, and 100 situps is already more than enough to engage your body.

The meditation activity takes only around 7 minutes. After meditating you won’t just feel balanced after meditation, but you’ll be balanced after meditation.

Maybe you’ll engage with your spirituality on a new level and come to a new understanding of this world. Maybe you’ll suddenly recall distant childhood memories, feel a relieve of pain, or see patterns and colours in front of your eyes that you’ve never seen before. You will suddenly realize that a lot is still wrong with this world and that we as people have yet a lot of work to do. Everyone has a different experience.

These are all normal experiences that come when starting meditation. By getting getting calm & rested you will start to appreciate family, animals, plants, and nature much more. You will engage your spirit when you meditate daily.

Too many people engage with their spirit these days. All the things we seem to be focussed on are money, relationships, food, and staying healthy. But the spirit, a part of the holy triangle of mid, body, and spirit. Is completely neglected by the majority of the people of the world.

And that is a shame, because your spirit is your guide.

Meditation is also an effective way to come closer to God, Nature, or the higher frequencies.

It will give you insights, answers, and wisdom.

Through our activities in daily life most of us either live life in fear of the coming future ahead of us or in regret of the forgotton past behind us.

Meditation will swoop take your mind out of the future or past and put it where belongs; in the present.

By meditating you get to bind and focus the spiralling energies around you into a focussed spiral. I’d say it’s an essential activity for those whose people who are chaotic and undirected, just to get to calm and focussed. Meditation is a good way to retune and ground yourself by opening your chakra‘s – (a.k.a. energy pools). Through activiting your chakra’s you bend the negative energies that are spiraling inside you to positive energies.

The daily exercise presented below will allow you to focus your energies and with the focus you can direct that power into something you wish to realize on this world.

There exists a very popular animated television show called “The Avater” where the process of opening of the Chakra’s is described in a very simple fashion. Even though it’s a kids show, the quality of the information and processes they show is extraordinay. The most significant themes on the show are about Buddhism, enlightenment, and energy.

Remember, your body is your instrument and just as you need to take care of the condition of an instrument from time to time. You also have to regularly take care of your body’s condition. Through: eating properly, exercising, and also tuning it (meditating).

Simply sit down before you go to bed, relax, and focus on releasing the thoughts. Let the negative energies flow out of your mind like water that runs down the creek.

Meditation has to be done regularly because it is like retuning of an out of tune guitar.

Not even Jimi Hendrix plays on an out of tune guitar.

Check out the 10 minute video down below and learn:



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