9 Real Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Social Media Account

(1) Social Media steals your focus and time

Time is your most precious asset. It is the one thing you will never be able to get back.

Spending your valuable time on social media outlets is one giganteous waste. You’re basically wasting hours with liking and spying on other people. That’s valuable time that instead could be spent learning or practicing things that will actually help you build a life.

I know bright people who are much more clever than me but spent at least three hours a day on their Facebook pathetically stalking their: friends, women, or narcisticly watching how many likes they received.

In addition: watching videos of silly cats or people acting out as Jackasses won’t also help you achieve your dreams.

Instead of reading about new trends on Facebook I would suggest you go and take a look in the real world for inspiration.

Read great books instead of reading Facebook posts. Meet new people in foreign countries or go outside of your comfort zone!

Social media is designed to have you returning and keeping you hooked. What’s for instance the first thing everyone looks at when they open their Facebook page? The red icons in the top right position that show if some other dummy liked them.


This conditioning behavior rewards spotting the red indicators because the brain rewards you with a shot of dopamine when you see the red icon (especially when someone you like has been the factor).

It means someone else spent time and value upon you, this will make your brain release feel good hormones (dopamine).

The addictive thing about it is that you never know when the next red icon will come and so you will stay glued to the news feed for hours and hours.

After you’ve had your ‘high’ and you haven’t spend some time on your social media account a period of dopamine abstinence comes and this yo-yo-ing loop is what gets you hooked. This is the same spiral that causes drug addicts to be drug addicts. Facebook makes people addicted to spotting red icons and therefore waste hours, days, weeks, months, and years of their lives…

(2) Social media and video games create cultural degeneration

How many kids do you still see playing in the playground outside? In Holland where I am from the playgrounds (especially in the cities) have been deserted by the kids and have been taken over by drug addicts and the problem-youth.

Kids in their young ages are now spending hours and hours inside each day sitting behind their iPad or PlayStation only to grow up as complete sissies because they never got into a fight or learned how to built a tree house to shelter from the rain.

Children should be outside after school! In the fresh air, in the playground, chasing girls, playing war games, or building tree house daily.

This is what my gut tells me.

I don’t have many regrets on my youth but if there is one thing I wish I could change was to smack that little sucker away from the Playstation and sent him outside right away! Go annoy some neighbor or steal some candy at the candy store but don’t sit inside rotting away all day.

(3) Social media is not for dating

Social media hasn’t got anything to do with dating or getting a partner.

Sure buddy, now you’ve got 57 likes on your new Facebook profile you feel like the king picture from girls but it doesn’t mean a damn’ thing.

Dating is done on the street, in the bar, or on the dance floor. Not by sending some girl messages and asking her out via messenger. That’s what cowards do.

Facebook likes to give you the idea that you are ‘a real player’ but real life will show you you are a loser if don’t have the guts to back it up.

Real men approach women they like and face the fear that comes with it. That’s why it feels like a conquest. You should be in the field on Friday night instead of stalking the girls you like on Facebook. And we know you do.

As you will grow over the fear by doing things that are uncomfortable you will get a new healthy addiction called: getting out of your comfort zone.

(4) Social media is selling your privacy

Everybody knows this. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Snapchat are all information platforms where the large companies pay big bucks for squiring your personal information that you give away for free

Social media’s main goal is to gain your personal information and sell it to advertising companies or consulting companies as ‘marketing’ data.

Also, you are probably very happy about the fact that you put all your private information such as your phone number, your email address, your city, country details, the links to your little sister, your family tree, and your social circle all clearly on display for any lunatic in the world to see?

I used to work in a supermarket where the cute cashier girls would hide their name tag because quite a lot of scumbags were trying to stalk these girls through Facebook.

(5) Social Media is incredibly biased

Social media is a nest of liberal, biased, political correct, and silly time wasters.

There’s no way to avoid the liberal news on Facebook.

As soon as you enter you are bombed with subliminal messages telling you how to behave, act, and speak.

Not everybody in the world has the right to tell you how to act.

All that propaganda you watch on Facebook is incredibly short sighted. Short videos or ‘vines’ are produced daily and uploaded every hour. The news you read on Facebook has been altered to primarily engage your emotional brain. It wants to trigger a reaction by the you so you keep on reading. That is why the news on Facebook is so intensely emotional all the time.

This is done on purpose, because fear and emotions make you buy products! Fear creates a void inside of you that needs to filled up, by consuming more! Fear keeps you down! (but only if you let it).

What happens is that over time you will start to believe these highly emotional messages because you are bombarded with them as you scroll down the news feed. You will think what you see is reality. But the cold hard reality is that you are being fooled into believing mostly liberal dogma that Facebook presents to you as truth.

Facebook, it’s pages and companies don’t want you to show the cold hard unpolitical correct truths of life because they are scared that if they did the users will be upset and switch to another social network (but that is exactly what will eventually happen). They think people want to stay in their tiny little comfort zones and as such bring make believe news to keep the readers happy but what they are achieving is actually the opposite.

Don’t worry, it’s my pleasure bring you some cold hard truths of life.

(6) Your real friends are not on social media

Facebook especially is immensely popular by feminists, housewives, and gays and you should decide for yourself whether all their overly projected political opinions, ridiculous conversations, stupid drama, social justice and naggy gossip is worth your time.

All that time wasting is not something you as a young man might want to be part of.

The real friends worth connecting to aren’t wasting time on Facebook” is a true myth. Those real friends worth connecting to are spending their time bettering themselves and they don’t have to tag you into memes or under funny videos. You should learn from those real friends as much as you still can!

(7) Social media is not reality

Everybody on Facebook seems to present themselves as a superstar or celebrity but the sad reality is that even the superstars are lonely and use Facebook to fill up the social and emotional void that they have.

Even housewives or school teachers seem to portray themselves this way on Facebook, please…

You should never want to resemble another person. You should resemble you! The best version of you! The person you truly are. You is you, and me is me.

Second, when you watch so much Facebook pictures of other people where they resemble superstars you unconsciously start to believe they are. You think of them as really high value people or really smart people when in reality they probably are the biggest dummies ever.

We all know the pictures of people showing off their fancy dinners, airplane travels, or their house pets. “What a bunch of showoffs you think by yourself as you scroll down and see all those images of food and dogs and other stupid nonsense”.

(8) You get better posture

People checking their smartphone all the time develop a syndrome called ‘video gamer’s neck’. It is when you stand bend forward looking ‘into your smartphone’. Overt ime your muscle and joint memory will maintain this posture and especially when you are young this might result in some long term injury and improper posture.

Stand up straight like a Marine, chin high and chest forward!

Look forward into your phone when you have to, do not look down into it.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

(9) Social media keeps you put

The reality is that nearly all people who spent their days on Facebook have a real fear of meeting new people, trying out new things, or going out of their comfort zones.

This is because they’ve stayed in social media fantasy land for most of their lives and don’t even dare to come out. As a result, they spent their days inside the house being afraid to go out.

They enviously watch other people travel to distant countries. They watch musical artists perform while they fantasies of being these artists, they watch videos of military guys speaking motivational words but they themselves will never experience boot camp.

Instead, go travel!

Go perform!

Go train in the gym!

Go learn salsa dancing!

Go try military boot camp!

Don’t let Facebook keep you put.

Accept that you’ve wasted time and move forward.

With no intent of ever coming back!

You can choose to stay a spectator to life.

Or you can choose to be a player of life!

Players don’t cannot spectate and spectators don’t play.

Players participate!

If this is you, then break this pattern like a twig! Go out and don’t let fear control you, face the fear!

Conclusion: Stop

If you are really ambitious or want to better yourself, quitting Facebook is a huge start. It’s actually scary.

Losing all the contacts, losing all the pictures, you’ve invested years of your life already into this social media and then to quit it, it is actually scary.

But also losing all the future waste of time and future regrets of not doing it earlier.

You’ll have so much more free time and focus once you quit it.

You’ll have more free spirit.

You’ll not be chained to your phone anymore.

When you delete your Facebook you’ll experience a withdrawal period that will haunt you for some time (less than 30 days).

Facebook will creep up on you like the devil when you have nothing to do and you’ll become very curious if cute little Brianna maybe has uploaded a new picture lying on the beach?

You start fantasizing of showing off you pictures and get a ‘high’ from all the likes.

Resist the urge, fight it, don’t give the Devil your positive energy and eventually the devil will starve and fade.

Therefore you want to get busy! Start doing the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Now is the time! Start a business, learn to play guitar, become big and strong, learn a language, join a sports club. Don’t let your valuable time go to waste.

Fight this urge and within 30 days I’ll guarantee you it will be gone.

Instead of watching other people on a screen, go talk to them in person! They’ll love you for it.

What to do

  1. Delete your Social Media accounts
  2. Set up a goal for which you have a burning desire to finish
  3. Some examples are: running a marathon, finishing military bootcamp, building a big and strong body, or starting a small business.
  4. Break throug the 30 day withdrawel window
  5. Laugh at the silly individuals who still waste the prime years of their youthful lives behind screens / or pity them.

Bonus: There’s only one reason you would want to keep a social media account? To self promote your own business and make tons of cash.



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