How To Cure Eczema

(Warning: Sebastian Heart (the author) is not a doctor. The story presented in this article
 is in no way equal to a certified doctor's advice, but rather is the personal experience of 
the writer, with the intent of helping fellow eczema patients.

How To Cure Eczema

A Story By Sebastian Heart


“Stop scratching!” is what you hear daily when people see you scratch. You neglect the advice because the relief for just a couple of seconds is totally worth it. Having procedural meetings with doctors and dermatologists are disappointing and you feel that you’re simply being loaded up with steroid creams or medicines. The feeling that no one seems to have a clue what is going on with you. It seems the only way to live with eczema is to endure, but for the rest of your life?

There are two major types of eczema acute and chronic. Acute eczema is when you immdiately react to a trigger such as dust or a chemical. Chronic eczema is when you constantly have the eczema and the itch, day in day out. I’ve dealt with chronic eczema.

You probably already have read dozens and dozens of: web pages, blogs, and articles explaining the causes of eczema, but most of them never give out a real concrete answer to your problems and simply want your money for another useless eBook or set of pills. I give you all my advice for free because I believe it is a big shame to sell cures for diseases where the cure is simply knowledge. And not some fancy cream, pill, or drug.

My road to the cure has been long bumpy ride with many wrong turns and dead ends, but thank God I finally reached the destination and I have kept a journal with the intent of helping others all for free later, when I would find some answers.

Here’s the story.

It all started to go downhill in October 2014.

The symptoms of my eczema summed up:

“The endless itching and scratchign all day long, day in day out, you’re twisting and shaking in bed, it haunts you at night, during work, you don’t know what triggers it or what causes it, you’re staring at the moon at night because you cannot sleep while scratching your skin off, you’re wishing for a cure every minute, thinking of life before you had eczema, looking like Darth Vader without his helmet on, unable to sleep at night, feeling tired all day long, feeling like you’re being eaten alive, skin fluids oozing out of the inflamed eczema skin on your neck, ears, eyelids, nose, elbows, and on your finger skin tissues as you scratch, seeing the blood on your hands after a sleepless night of scratching. dragging yourself through the days, pretending you are fine when people ask how you are because you are tired of giving pointless explanations as everyone doesn’t seem to understand it, missing out on: friends, parties, and girlfriends because you are looking like the walking dead, watching your hail falling out with pockets of it as you put your hand through your hair, regretting drinking that cup of coffee in the morning or eating that piece of pork as you get itchy ten minutes later, and damming yourself for consuming that one beer or that one little glass of wine because now you have to literally scratch it out of your skin for the entire night, waking up from your bed and seeing it covered by thick layers of skin-flakes, constantly explaining it to everyone while no one truly grasps what you are going through on a daily basis, not even your parents, lovers, or family, who all support you with various useless creams, ideas, and treatments which you know are pointless, you silently resent all those that cannot truly grasp the intensity of discomfort that this constant itchiness brings into your life. ‘Stop scratching, stop it now!’ you hear this on a daily basis from friends or loved ones, but you and I know that that is literally impossible as long as that constant itch is there reminding you to scratch.

My eczema episode has lasted for over five years and as with most eczema patients it started out with a minor and small itch on my eyelids. You couldn’t see it unless you placed my eyelids under a microscope, however the skin became darker over time. During sports or nights out it would itch, but it never really bothered me as I had some magic cream, or drank some alcohol to not feel the itch. After some time I started to look ‘tired’ but still I never had any real problems with it. People constantly asked me if I was high, took medication or if I had been drinking the night before, I usually just laughed it off but I did none of those things. I later realized this was because my eyes looked red and my eyelids and skin simply looked exhausted.

I accepted the itching, I didn’t want to miss going out on Friday and Saturday nights, thinking my eczema would only be temporary and simply go away later in life (as if it was a stage I was in). As such I kept on eating the bad foods (list down below), I kept on drinking alcohol and bad drinks (list also down below), and I kept on sleeping too little until my skin not only started to itch more, but eventually also started to become red, scaly, and flaky in late 2014 when it also started to spread fast to other parts of my body.

That half year between September 2014 and May 2015 became a time of hell in my life as I started to scratch myself open almost every single day. I had not idea what caused it. I was going crazy! I became paranoid and scared because my eczema spreaded so fast! It was spreading like wildfire!

Eczema, oh that will go away with time… Don’t worry, just enjoy life man…

It took me such a long time to learn what caused it, and it took a long time to discover what triggers it. It will take a long time to remove it and it will take a long time to completely recover. So I decided to record a log about my battle against eczema and noted down my journey to full recovery. It is my intention to share my experiences with other eczema sufferers for a mutual benefit.

Eczema All Around The World

During my five years of battling eczema, trying different diets, traveling, and talking to lots of other eczema patients I developed the strong feeling that these following factors are connected to the cause of eczema, asthma, and dermatitis.

They are:

  • the typical consumer 9/5 lifestyle
  • Stress
  • the mass consumption of industrialized foods
  • frequent prescription of anti-biotics
  • consumption of foods packaged in plastic supermarket foods (genetically modified foods’s)
  • life in urban, city environments
  • fine dust emitted by cars
  • fluoride rich drinking water
  • lack of exercise
  • lack of sweating
  • lack of recovery / lack of rest
  • culture of individuality = feeling of no-belonging
  • missing out important natural bacteria (due to being inside buildings )
  • consumption of processed foods that can be stored forever (oven pizzas, fridge foods, boxed foods)

These are but a few of the many possible causes that I believe are strongly related with allergic diseases such as eczema (psoriasis, dermatitis, and hay fever). All these causes can be directed to the increasing industrial nature of existence that we are transitioning to as first century’s homo urbanus.

The Pharmaceutical ‘Solution’


I had to get help. For over years I had been going to the doctor when the eczema around my eyes flared up and he always prescribed me a cream (Protopic) that helped for years, but now after the increase of my eczema that cream only got my skin much more itchy, as soon as I applied it my skin was set on fire. At that time I did not know that the cream I applied all those nights for over years, was a horrible solution to my eczema problem.

Had I known this before I could have saved myself from a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of scratching afterwards.

Because those creams make your skin really thin and therefore lower the immune responses in that skin area.

The doctor gave me this stronger cream which had steroids in it that calmed down my skin immediately. It was like a little tube of magic! Every time my itch would creep up during work or at school I applied a little magic cream and I was itch free for hours and hours. I applied that cream three times a day on my eyes, neck, and elbows. I applied it before breakfast, during lunch and before going to bed. I followed a schedule of applying it but when the schedule was over the itch was still there. So after a quick call with the doctor’s assistant she told me it was okay to keep op applying the creams and they prescribed another tube for me.

It seemed too good to be true, but after another month also this cream failed to stop the ithcing. After some hesitation, I went to my doctor and surprise! He presented me another even stronger cream but now I became skeptical, was this going supposed to go on forever? Had I known I went down this downward spiral I would have stopped it immediately, but I did not. The skin around my eyes became pale and darker, it looked as if I was not getting enough sleep.

I received a much more potent cream that I had to apply in a decreasing schedule. The schedule went like this: the first week I had to apply it everyday, the second week four times a week. The third week three times. The fourth week two times. And the last week only once. This was the theory. I followed it accurately. But at the end of my last week I was looking like a fucking zombie! As I showed in the pictures above.

I started researching what the effects were of these steroid creams on websites and personal blogs and while I was reading both my itchiness and my temperament almost exploded upon reading that so many people had terrible experiences with these creams. I read countless and countless experiences of other eczema patients who also had been using steroid creams for months and now their eczema was spreading all over their bodies. Sources here, here and here.

I realized this was not going to work. It was only going to get worse. The doctor was already hinting to presribe me another even stronger cream but this time I resented. I became repulsed by those creams and the flawed short-term ‘treatment’ they represented.

As my resentment to the creams was established. I confronted my doctor about it. He didn’t seem to understand it, but gave me the impression he was willing to work and learn from my condition. He stopped giving me the steroid creams but didn’t really know how to cure my eczema in another way.

He advized me to go to a dermatological insitution and listed several other medical centers that could provide assistance.

Long story short: from May 2015 to October 2015. I visited five different doctors in five different dermatological institutions in the Netherlands. All these institutions were presented as credited, expertised, and ‘independent’ institutions.

But unlike my doctor, they did not have the time to listen to me. 15 Minutes of time at maxium. Every time I heard the exact same advice: just apply our newest fancy steroid cremes and the eczema will simply go away.

But it didn’t as I already had experienced.

I had already seen with my own eyes that my eczema only got bigger and worse as I continued those nasty steroid creams. It started spreading to different parts of my body and I could barely sleep at night. I continued the steroid creams because the doctor told me I had to push through that initial part where the eczema would get worse for a while but eventually it would go away.

What I saw was my eczema going from bad to worse. I started to realize that their treatments weren’t going to help much because the eczema didn’t show any sign of going away. Not even after 6 months of applying creams, and the intense itch was still there. My gut feeling already started to tell me something was not all right with this kind of treatment because my eczema became worse. From small strips on my eyelids it now had spread to my visible red spots on my neck and elbows (like in the pictures above).

When I had a doctors appointment the conversations in the office always seemed to very ‘procedural’. I felt they never really listened that much to my story. They portrayed themselves as the authority. The meetings were always hasty and not really looking me into my eyes enough, just like salesmen.

It was at this point that I felt my spirit being pulled, twitched and turned through the constant itching, flaking and cracking combined with that useless advice. It was driving me mad and I was being close to losing my sanity one night as I hadn’t normally slept for three weeks. Combined with with the fact that no one was really helping me. My parents didn’t understand what was going on with me. I stood alone in this search for a cure, as the only two  things I constantly heard were: “apply this crime, it really helps!” or “you have to stop scratching.” but I already had tried more than 10 different creams that were promised to help my eczema and stopping scratching was never possible.

It was constant torture having that itch there, and then to scratch it away, only just for a few seconds actually felt so good, even better than having an orgasm.

I was revolting against those doctor’s I had always trusted. I was not going to accept their newer stronger creams (that creams if from 2014, you should try the new version of 2015!). It felt right not to, even though I was looking like an stray dog with lice that scratched his face off.

I remember visiting a dermatologist with my mother. This was the last doctor I had some interest in. She was a dermatologist in the Netherlands who was supposed to be very credible. After I had explained my story and spilled my guts about the leaky gut theory she again immediately started to talk about creams and pills. I couldn’t believe it anymore.

I snapped! I couldn’t stand this agonizing attitude of these doctors and I told the lady I didn’t want any stronger creams. I wanted a real cure. I wanted her to listen to the leaky guy theory. I showed her my neck and the red spots on it (picture below) and she made a concerned face. The dermatologist stold me that there was nothing else I could do than applying creams. I told her that this was nonsense, (as if animals who have skin rashes also have to be dependent on creams to heal their skin). She said, “then there is nothing that we can do for you,” with a smirk and then she nervously looked at the clock (for when she could get her lunch break, I suppose.)

My mother who was with me broke out in tears due to the polarity that established between me and that lady dermatologist. She kept asking the lady for what else we could do to which we only got procedural answers like:”but these creams are proven to help.” or “I understand your son’s anger but this really is the only way to help eczema.”

That nasty confrontation with the lady dermatologists, that was one of the proudest moments in my life. It was really hard to say “No” to all these people who present you the end-all-by-all cure and want to drag you down into a spiral off being dependent on creams and pills. Instead I listened to my gut which told me “Yes”, this is good Sebastian.

I snapped! I stood up, got my coat and walked out of that dermatological institution.

Even though half of my bare neck laid as open with wounds form the inflamed eczema and I was as itchy like a flea dog. I now wasn’t going to apply creams anymore.

I was determined to get myself a real cure. Not just a quick short term solution like a cream.

No, a real cure. dqqz1ppenrk0sizsyrhawa8f3xcruzmuyggg1tmiobo-shaded

From that moment onwards I was determined to heal myself. I was at rock bottom. I was drained from my energy, scratching all day long. I had big red spots in my neck, elbows and eyes where orange or white liquid oozed out of during the night. I was looking like a zombie and had little sleep at night. People sporadically asked me if I had been in fights. Just going to class proved to be tough because as soon as I came home in my college room I dropped on my bed wanting to sleep but I couldn’t because the itch was popping up instantly. I remember eating double to triple dinner plates after school because I was so hungry from all the itching, scratching, and ‘plowing through’. Talking to others and going to social events simply became a drag because I didn’t have the energy and intention to hold a normal conversation.

At the time my eczema got that extreme I enrolled into a university that had a big social life which revolved around drinking and being social but for me those two activities were just the things I totally had no energy and appetite for. I always felt itchy and never totally in the mood for those two things. I skipped out on a lot of parties and opportunities to meet new friends because in my head I was getting crazy from the itch and couldn’t fully relax to have a normal conversation, especially not with drunk college kids.

I looked like a zombie walking around college campus, people avoided me, wouldn’t shake hands with me, or didn’t want to sit next to me in class. This only made me stronger in my determination to climb out of the pit.

“Someday!” I told myself “This is going to go away from my body”. Everyday I was feeling the constant itch in my armpits, eyes, and my neck. I was going through a hell. I was in a tunnel, with the end of eczema as the end.

My bedsheet covered with skinflakes.

After and during classes I turned to the greatest invention humankind has ever experienced so far: the internet. A rich source full of experiences, thoughts, and information of other eczema patients. The source where you can do research for yourself, a giant database full of good and bad sources. Good and bad experiences, and good and bad advice, but with the freedom of learning, experimenting, and sharing ideas.

I started reading a lot of books from the library, reading blog posts on the internet, and consulting other eczema patients. I noted down every detail in my notebook. For the upcoming months I was up and running every night searching on the internet for more clues, information about eczema because I could not stop until I had found the cure. the itch was still there. Quickly I found out that eczema can be directly linked to the state of the gut system. I learned a lot about eczema, the gut, gut flora and the optimal condition of the gut on the spot.

What happened to me with my eczema outbreaks appeared to also happen to others, as all over the internet people felt that they were duped by their doctors and lost faith in modern medicine as those other eczema patients were also simply loaded up with creams that did not seemed to help them, like I had experienced.

A lot of people on fora and websites seemed to be negative on modern medicine and rather positive on the field of alternative medicine, diets, and natural healing. I was spending weekends, days, and hours and hours of taking notes, learning, making diet plans, buying supplements. and writing down what others did to reduce their eczema.

I learned a whole lot about skin tissue, lifestyle, foods, the stomach, natural anti-biotics vs. unnatural anti-biotics, the bowel system, bacterial overgrowth, gut flora imbalance, the immune system, tissue, eczema, irritable bowel system, FODMAP foods and inflammation. I fell asleep around 2 – 3 am. in the night to wake up at 7 am for college classes. My days were consumed by my obsession to cure my eczema.

There was only one option for me: to overcome eczema. No accepting, no giving in, there is only going forward, out of Hell into Heaven!

I learned about alternative medicine, Eastern medicine, alternative healers, causes of skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis. I enthusiastically sucked up every bit of information that I read upon. I noted down all the knowledge on my computer and I took lots and lots of notes in several notebooks. I would spent my entire evenings and mornings before class inquiring and studying stories of fellow eczema patients. I was reading up on fora and exchanging stories. All because I was constantly itching, there simply was no other way for me, I was still in that tunnel you know. It was itching without learning or itching with learning, so was a no brainer for me.

Topical Steroids

So many people had the same experiences with the steroid creams that they were no real solution but rather a short-term solution of curing the itching. Also, steroid creams provided by doctors supposedly had very nasty side effects such as: topical steroid withdrawal. What I hated the most about the steroid creams was that once you got them, you never could go without. Because as soon as you ran out of cream, the itching would return.

There seemed to be no end to using topical steroids, because over time the skin and body of eczema sufferers is getting used to the strength of the steroids, thus requiring a stronger and heavier cream for the patient to continue not feeling the itch, this initiate a downward spiral because the skin is being numbed and so doesn’t experience the itch.

I experienced this myself as well because I had been getting stronger and stronger creams from the doctors over the course of the first two years, and my eczema only got worse! In addition, one doctor even recommended me to take a steroid injection in my neck. That injection would numb the itching for a whole week he said happily. I was thinking to myself: now they want to give me a ******* steroid injection?! No way! Hell no!

Getting topical steroids is like when your doctor is prescribing you his own brand of whiskey for your infected leg. You don’t feel the pain of your infected leg when you’re drunk. And since most people prefer  easy solutions over hard ones so they accept the doctor’s proposal. Your leg starts hurting more, and so the doctor gives you more whiskey so you don’t feel it, but eventually your leg has to be cut off due to the infection. Your doctor may have prescribed you ten of his bottles of expensive whiskey, and made a lot of money of your condition.

Of course this is no solution.

I saw confirmation in what I had read on the internet. My eczema was still not gone after applying all those creams. I had gone up in applying stronger creams to my corpus which didn’t work and now after 10 different creams they wanted to even inject me with steroids. What possibly would be the next step?

I don’t need fucking injections in my neck and I also don’t need creams that seem to only make the pharmaceutical companies richer on the backs of patients who are not getting healthier.

I had first hand experience on the business model of these pharmaceutical companies. Would I accept that for the rest of my life? **** No! No, I was going to cure myself the natural way with what I had learned from others.

My drawers were literally filled to the brim with creams and lotions, and my room looked like an apothecary of all the medicines that had acumulated there over a three year period.

Many people on fora and the internet reported that living a ‘healthier life’ and eating purer, cleaner foods helped them tremendously, others talked about gut problems, the leaky gut, and even others believed in spiritual solutions. I first stayed down to Earth and focused on the diet, the gut and natural foods.

The story about the gut and bowel system in combination with allergies and skin rashes rang a big bell inside of me. I knew that my gut wasn’t functioning properly because my stool was not consistent and very watery like diarrhea. My farts usually smelled really really bad. Some people told me: dude, your farts really stink! Something is not alright down there mate” and I would simply laugh it off but of course I didn’t forget it. When I read upon the leaky gut syndrome  I stood still by those moments and recalled that my stinking farts had been there for a long time. That got me thinking. Would my gut and eczema on my skin be related? I did a lot of research on the internet, and saw confirmation in the experiences that other eczema patients reported.

The gut and skin are the same!

I paid visited to a respected alternative healer and she told me the same story. Hearing the explenation from a live speaking person was much more convincing that reading it on the internet and therefore I advise you to visit an alternative or natural healer yourself.

The healer told me to cut out bad foods, get to exercising (sweating), and taking it easy peasy, no stress! T. She also clearly linked the problem of my eczema to my gut and explained it to me in such a clear way that I now fully understood it. For the first time I had the feeling that someone was really listening to me, not like the modern medicine doctors that were always hasty, in a hurry, or giving out easy fixes and simple solutions to patients.

What this alternative healer did was really taking the time to write down my complaints, She felt my pulse, my skin, and took some of my hair. She checked out my symptoms very vigorously before coming to her conclusion. Cutting out bad foods and eating healthier seemed to improve eczema quite a lot. I immediately stopped drinking coffee, sugar, pork meat, and various other foods that were on her black list (it’s down below). She gave a whole explanation that sounded simple but the solution was not easy at all! She told me to get disciplined, throw away my old life of going out a lot, drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and sleeping little.

I was in for a total overhaul.

Within three days of following her advice I was already able to sleep again without major itches for a full normal eight hours a night sleep because the heavy itching seemed to simply be gone like with the wind!

Thank God! I was so happy, I had a righteous feeling of reward of following my gut feeling in finding a natural cure, getting help from the spectrum of alternative medicine and now I could rest and sleep for more than 4 hours a night. I slept for nearly a whole day afterwards. I am forever grateful of meeting her. The ‘bad news’ however, was that the healer told me it could take up to half a year or a year to fully restore a damaged or ‘leaky’ gut and have the eczema go away.

Alcohol was also on the black list and instinctively I already knew this because I experienced heavy eczema flare ups after nights of drinking beer with my friends. In respect I would start to heavily resent the drinking and drug culture from this point onwards. I noticed that I had to pay for those drinking nights with days and days of scratching for drinking beer and eating bad foods, and that made me stop consuming alcohol pretty fast I can tell you.

In three months I completely stopped drinking alcohol and felt increasingly stronger and happier as time went by. In the summer of 2016 I had a moment of relapse and drank a few beers one Saturday night to see what it would do with me. I was out with my cousin and as we cycled back home in the middle of the night the itching came back up like a devil, my skin was all red, flaky, and oozing with fluids again. Before I knew it I was up for a sleepless all nighter of scratching the shit out of myself. I looked out of the window and saw the moon again. I was back where I started two years earlier. I was back at square one. At that moment I decided to never drink alcohol again. My skin got red and in my head I pictured the face of the alternative healer lady telling her story, this was a sign. Alcohol is bad for you. And the coming nights I would have to pay for neglecting my health.

I will never drink alcohol every again.

I delved deeper into what causes eczema and came to the conclusion that the leaky gut syndrome, most illnesses, state of mind, and eczema really have to do with one’s lifestyle.

So What is Eczema Really About?

For starters, these are simply my observationsI am not a doctor, but I have experience in dealing with eczema.

I believe asthma, dermatities, leaky gut and eczema are all lifestyle conditions, they originate from the way you live your life.

Eczema, in my case I believe is related to a stressed gut and bowel system. My farts used to stink like really badly (like really bad) and my stool was constantly mushy, watery, almost like diarrhea. Combine this with having regular cramps in my inflamed stomach on a regular basis. Doing sports felt tiresome and long instead of energizing and. I was tired all the time and felt numbed, I had no zest for life.

If you go to your basic Western ‘pharma’ doctor with your eczema situation he or she will tell you have a simple skin disorder that is best treated with some fancy moisturizer or topical steroid creme. It sounds easy peasy to fix. After you’ve spilled your guts and cried your heart about to your doctor you walk out of his office feeling relieved and rejuvenated because the doctor himself (a person you trust) sold you a cream that is promised to relieve every problem of your eczema! You leave with the cream or pills and you are happy now you have the ‘cure literally in your hands’ and go home with relief. How can it be this easy you might think after you’ve applied the cream for a few days and see that the eczema has gone away and the itch as well. Easy!

“I want a quick fix for my problems” 

But as it is most cases, the easy option usually is no real option as creams and pills won’t help your eczema to go away, they only mask it for a few hours and then the eczema surfaces again. After I applied the creams for a week, the rash seemed to be gone, but when I stopped using them when my tube was empty the rash always came back and usually bigger with worse itching. The creams or pills only thin out your skin so the rash seems to disappear and they numb your skin so you don’t feel the itching.

But if then the eczema pops up again and the inflammation has gotten bigger, deeper, with worse itching you know something is not alright. I went back to my doctor and he gave me a stronger cream which resulted in the same situation a month later with: a bigger inflammation and more intense itching.

After the creams didn’t seem to work he proposed to inject me with a potent liquid steroid injection, just so I can continue the lifestyle I had (living without accepting consequences). I thought I was happy at that time but I was just escaping my responsibilities. Thus accepting those creams seemed a good option in my opinion.

Over time, you will get stronger and stronger creams from the doctor, because creams and oils simply treat the surface problems, they numb the itch and completely thin out your skin, so you feel ‘fine’.

In this way, the pharmaceutical companies can keep on selling you their pricey creams (or through your insurance company). At this point you have become a cash cow!

Of course this is not the solution. Wise people know that you should always attack the root cause of your problem. This is the same is with the problems of allergies or eczema, these root causes are located deeper into the body like as the deeper layers of the skin or internal organs (usually the gut and bowels) or lungs, as eczema is also related to allergies and irritations. But this isn’t always necessarily always the case.

I believe our skin reflects our deeper physiological state, and is a mirror or a reflection of our well being – or self. If you have good healthy skin, you probably are ok inside as well., but if your skin shows signs of irritation, stress, or blue spots, then your insides are also not ok.

And it is up to you to fix this problem.
Because you are the only one In Command of your mind and body.

I accepted the consequences of of not accepting consequences and it dawned on me that it was my lifestyle that got me eczema. I was neglecting a lot of things in my life. I usually was up late at night going out or hanging out with friends. I had no work ethic or discipline and I was being a lazy son of a bitch. That all had to change, I had to take care of my diet. I had to start building, fast!

The leaky gut syndrome is not a short-term condition, it establishes itself over long-term exposure to bad stuff. This can be anything, food,  antibiotics, animals, stress, seasons, dust, or chemicals. Things that are bad for you or you aren’t accustomed to.

These factors can result into bacterial overgrowth. This is when the more aggressive bacteria from the large intestine overgrow their natural population and move into the small intestine and cause havoc to the lesser aggressive bacteria. Another syndrome can be gut flora imbalance where the good and bad bacteria are not in check, this causes the gut lining to thin out and you’ll produce a lot of stinking farts. Also, low stomach acid can be a factor, because it erodes the lining of the gut.

When the gut lining erodes or is damaged, all the bacteria, sugars, and other bad stuff can enter your bloodstream. When it enters your bloodstream, it has to get out of your body somewhere else. Your white blood cells cannot destroy these little bad parts so they push it to thin parts of your skin such as your elbows, neck, eyelids, and then cause it to itch so that you scratch open the skin. When you have liquid pouring out of your skin it is sweat filled with these little bad parts. Eczema patients usually also have a lot of itching when they start to sweat because when they sweat they release all those bad toxins, unbreakable parts, and other stuff that has gotten into their bloodstream through their damaged gut lining. This is the main cause of chronic eczema.

From my experience, I believe that eczema is triggered from multiple factors that co-trigger each other as well. Say you’ve never had an allergy to cats and before could cuddle with cats all day long with no problems but now after some time you’ve developed eczema and your skin is opened, irritated, you also get flare ups from being near a cat or eating pork meat for instance (due to a damaged gut lining). Allergies, bad foods, and or dust can irritate and inflame your gut or your skin, opening up your body to triggers that in a normal condition would not affect you. The irritation opens the door for other triggers to inflame more of your body and causing more damage to your well being.

Basically, allergies, leaky gut, and eczema can cause you to react to triggers that never triggered you before.

Eczema, dry-skin, or psoriasis is reflected upon a bit differently all over the world. In the West eczema is seen as a skin-disorder (which means they spot at the problem at the skin.) Your cells are overreacting to a trigger that is causing the eczema, is what you will hear commonly

In Eastern and/or Chinese healing practice eczema is seen as a root-disorder that originates at the deeper levels of our body, but surfaces at the skin level.

Eczema is like an Earthquake, the epi-center destroys most of what we see, but the real cause, or center of the quake is somewhere deeper, hidden beneath the surface where we cannot see it.

The Eastern topical treatment for the skin is minimal. It consists of applying oilments and moisturizing to withhold it from getting dry. The real focus of the Eastern treatment is on someones ‘internal state. Bringing back balance and harmony into that internal  unbalanced state, re-balancing that stressed/imbalanced body. As the Eastern healing philosophy is a bit more yin-and-yang. Balance vs imbalance etc.

The Eastern philosophy, states that the body is naturally in balance. Naturally, a body can get adjusted to almost anything, as long as the shocks, irritation, and stresses are applied with limits and on short term, but if one is constantly triggered for a long term, then a body can get out of it’s balance and if it does then the immune system also gets out of balance making your gut condition, skin condition, and your whole body’s condition gets out of balance,. Therefore it becomes vulnerable to infections and keeps the immune system further out of balance. The Eastern cure is focused to bring back harmony and balance into the body (treating the root problems) and is in my opinion much more decent than the Western topical’ option of curing with medicines (treating the surface problems). It is harder though, and requires constant focus, discipline, a change of lifestyle, and most importantly: time.

But in the end it is the only real option you have to completely clear your leaky gut, and as such your eczema.

Eczema is a beautiful sign of your body that something is not alright.

It hurts to know that so many people keep on going down that road of keeping on applying steroid creams. So many people keep on being duped with steroid creams. So many people are not unaware of the real cure of eczema.  While knowing yourself that changing your diet and lifestyle is instantly relieving and the way to curing eczema!

How To Cure Eczema

Eczema is a lifestyle condition. It originates from the way you live your life. Change your lifestyle into a healthier, better lifestyle, and your eczema will decrease. Eczema is a sign you are not living in a right way! Eczema is your body telling you, that your lifestyle is not okay!

You might not want to hear this, but this is my 100% money back guarantee.

Lifestyle = The way you eat & drink+ your daily habits and routines

Eating = Eat low inflammatory foods for 30 days. Stick to a simple diet of fruits, gluten free bread, and cheese for breakfast, and meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Although, the cure for eczema is not universal, there are some universal tips that I’ve implemented in my life that improved the condition of my life. Although eczema treatments vary over different cultures. From my personal experience, there are a number of major things you can do to limit and treat your eczema.

If your eczema is linked to a leaky gut, then you have to heal the gut, and this sounds easier said than done.

You first has to remove as much (to all) triggers as possible from your lifestyle and only you have to give your gut and body what it needs to restore and heal the gt lining. Start by removing all foods that you think cause your eczema  such as: alcohol, red meat, pork meat, coffee, unnatural sugars and avoid places that trigger your itching (dry, dusty places, or smoker’s lounges). By removing all triggers you reduce as much itching as possible so that you aren’t scratching yourself open every day and give your skin the opportunity to heal. After this first step, one has to bring  back balance into his or her life and heal the gut.

Then, as the skin is healing, you can relax, but you also need to heal your insides. You need to heal the gut and most specifically the gut lining so no new toxins can enter your bloodstream.

I know this sounds really hippy or ‘new age’ but my lifestyle that got me my eczema was full of uncertainty, anxiety, stress, and unhealthy fast foods. I was always worrying about what I wanted to become later on in life in my future career, I was working a lot of my college classes, and I was also worrying about the eczema itself for a number of years which didn’t help at all.

I was also living a fast paced life full of short-term pleasures like there was no tomorrow. Alcohol, parties, waking up at 1 pm in the afternoon was all routine for me. I was a complete impulse chaser. I was a loser in fact. I didn’t care about the consequences of all my actions getting my eczema was actually a sign of God that I had to change my lifestyle. A beautiful sign!

I took away the bad foods and my itching already was relieved by 50%. Then I took matters into my own hands and the stress was relieved too and all the itching was nearly gone. The healing process now could start.

The bad foods in my case were acidic foods such as: coffee, white sugar, alcohol, pork meat, eggs (cooked and fried), deep fried foods (french fries, burgers, MacDonalds and Burger King). My alternative healer told me I had to remove all those foods that you instinctively know are bad foods or foods that trigger your eczema. You have to go by feel here and be honest!

This was easier said than done.

Three days after stopping drinking coffee and beer I had no itches anymore. This was such a relief! I was so happy. I was in tears!

Two months later, my sudden flare ups became non existent but my eczema still remained visibile. It washardly noticeable now. Some parts had cleared up completely but other parts were still flaky and red or a bit darker than regular skin. Slowly but surely I felt it was healing because I have a lot more energy, felt much more positive myself and had much more energy. I was less tired during the day and I had much more zest for life!

It might never go away I thought, but at least I do everything like sleeping, going to class, work, and partying without constant scratching and itching.

I now knew that I had to clear my gut more fully because clearly this was the right route to take. I still remember how I felt two years earlier (in 2014) as I wrote began my log. I couldn’t do anything at that time, I was constantly scratching and itching. I couldn’t focus and was alway scratching.

Now I could can go to business and completely focus myself on my business. I could go parting with friends (and drink water for the whole night like a champ) I was again able to completely relax at a partyand just talk without having to withhold myself from scratching myself open. Ahhhh the relief.  I was able to hold a normal conversation again, and listen to other people.

Once the gut is healed, eczema disappears.

IMG_0152.JPG wordt weergegeven




How Did I Do It?

Step One. One is advised to find a good dietitian (a traditional dietist, alternative healer, or modern dietitian), you don’t have to completely comply with what the healer prescribes you, but at least they don’t want to load you up with medicines or creams. They want to load you up with herbs and other ‘alternative’ products. It is up to you to decide what you will do with their advice, but talking about your eczema with an alternative healer is a good first step, because they can relate to your problem and provide you with a more accurate insight into your problem, as well as helping you find the root cause of your eczema. Try out their advice for 2 months and if it doesn’t work switch!

Alternative healing is not very reliable, I would recommend starting with a traditional dietitian.

Don’t go to multiple dietitian or healers at the same time.

Step Two. Avoid the direct triggers to your eczema, so you can rest and don’t have to scratch all day. This can be food, chemicals, dust, animals, or certain products, take a notebook and list the things that trigger your eczema. Start with avoiding the following foods and see if that reduces your need to scratch. You have to stop the itch first, get the impulse away. People will tell you to “stop scratching” but you and I know how annoying it gets to constantly hear that, especially when there’s nothing you can do to stop scratching.

In many cases there are ‘risky’ foods are at the top of the lists to avoid. Try to stop eating them for a month and see if you notice any changes.

The Black List of Foods For A Stressd / Leaky Gut 

  1. Factory farmed animal meat
  2. Packaged foods
  3. Wine
  4. Beer
  5. Strong Liquor
  6. All alcoholic products
  7. Refined grains
  8. Fruits & Vegetables sprayed with chemical pesticides
  9. Sugary drinks
  10. Sugary snacks
  11. Tobacco and cigarettes
  12. Coffee and caffeine
  13. Nuts, like peanuts & cashew nuts (they are hot)
  14. Artificial sugars (white, brown etc)
  15. Pork meat
  16. Red meat / rare cooked
  17. Altered and artificial foods (oven pizzas, pre-made foods that can be stored for a very long time)
  18. MacDonalds and Burger King foods etc.
  19. French fries
  20. All deep fried foods
  21. Eggs
  22. Processed foods

Copy that list and make sure you do not consume any of these kind of foods for 30 days. Mark your progress. Add your own products or things, make it your own. But measure what triggers your eczema.

Measurement leads to knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Look for indicators, your bad skin is an indicator, maybe your eyes are looking tired and are red, do your farts stink really bad? Do you feel tired all day?

Cutting out alcohol and smoking cigarettes was a major relief, it healed me a lot. It was a bit uncomfortable at firs tto go out sober, but now I do it without a problem.

I will never drink or smoke ever again in my life!

Basically, everything that is acidic or not natural is to be avoided. Start to eat whole more ‘whole foods’, organic products and remove sugars and acidic foods.

Also, take a look at your stool. If you poop out mushy, or inconsistent stool, then probably your gut is also related to your eczema. If your farts stink really bad on a regular basis like mine did, that is also a indicator.

Try to stick to a FODMAP diet. Found here.

FODMAP foods, read about it here. If you wish to cure irritatable bowel syndrome, which can be a cause of eczema then a good place is to start eliminating FODMAP’s.

A great starters diet plan to cure eczema.

Breakfast: bananas, mandarin orange, thick slice of cheese,

Lunch: bananas, mandarin orange, thick slice of cheese,

Dinner: 2 types of vegetables and meat (no pig meat)

Yes I know this diet looks simple, it’s boring, but it works!

Step Three. You have to take easier, go down a level or two. If you are working like a dog around the clock, try to delegate some more tasks to your co-workers, family, or friends. It is important you take it easy, because your body is showing signs of stress, which emerges at the surface level.

Also, avoid the negative people that drag you down, avoid losers that want to take you down a peg or two. They only cost you energy and do not contribute to your overall happiness, success and state of well being. Be with positive supportive people.

Exercise, yoga, meditation, and having social events are a great way to release stress. Take up painting, play an instrument, or find a passion to work on (like starting a website or blog and write about your experiences).

Step Four. I advise you to get some good exercise, what is a good exercise, it is when you start to sweat heavily. Every day! Sweat out all that weakness and al those toxins that you have built up inside your body. Let it go, sweat it out!

Sweating is never fun in the beginning. but train until you sweat like a pig, and then some more! Our grandfathers would turn around in their graves if they would see the average stature and physical performance of today’s modern Western man, because it is pathetic! We never do any hard work, most of us never really sweat, and especially if you are suffering from skin disorders, it is fucking important to sweat, because sweating is good for your skin! It releases all the bad toxins that cause your skin to be inflamed.

I always feel great and relieved of my eczema after I had sweated like a dog because I felt that all the bad stuff has gone out of my body, and my body became more pure.

I suffered from my eczema a lot until I started to sweat deeply and thoroughly because when you sweat that is when your body starts to release it’s many toxins that build up from food, air, and bodily waste material, and other shit that has to come out. If it is stored under your skin for such a long time it starts to become irritating, itchy. So sweat it out, like you’re supposed to. Now I sweat everyday in the gym, I gotta stay strong and healthy.

If your sweat stinks when you do sports, that is a good sign, imagine if that stinking sweat was still in your body if you didn’t workout.

Go swimming in the ocean in summer if you suffer from eczema, the salt seawater will clean and burn away all the cracks in your skin. It feels really good on your eczema. Your itching will go down for days afterwards or buy a bag of bath salt and fill your bath with the entire bag for a salt bathing session if you don’t live near a sea or in winter time.

Step Five. Your gut system is not just a tube of acidic material and organisms that break down food. Your gut is a tremendously complicated system that is interlinked with countless factors and exclusive to you alone. Your gut is not the same as your parents or neighbors gut. It grows over time, depending on the foods you consume, the activities you do, and your state of being. It will form it’s own unique composition.  So if you eat a lot of bad foods for a long time, combined with a stressful existence, and no happy feelings, then the quality of your gut will similarly go down. This is hard to accept if you’ve never had a bad gut, but this is what happened to me. If you take responsibility for your body and focus on eating healthy good foods, and take rests and sweats. The quality of your gut will go up, and your body will become more balanced.

There are some alkaline foods that strengthen the good bacteria in your gut. Your gut is a pool of millions of different kinds of bacteria that are constantly working hard to cut down food and make it digestible. It is quite interesting when you look more into it, we have explored space, oceans, but what about our own guts, modern science is only recently diving into this spectacular interesting organ system that we have.

Eating more of these help the good gut bacteria grow faster, make your gut stronger, help your immune system, and maintain more stability in your gut (insert pictures).

The Alkaline Foods

  • raw garlic
  • sauerkraut
  • red beets
  • onions
  • fresh mushrooms
  • kefir (organic drink)
  • (raw) milk
  • organic beef
  • real quality Himalayara salt or Sea salt (NOT table salt)
  • fresh fish (salmon, trout, herring)
  • brussels sprouts
  • and all other alkaline foods

Step Six. Breath deeply!

Many of us are not breathing deeply on a day to day basis. Go outside in the fresh air, and breath deeply from your belly and exhale. If you get more oxygen to your stomach and gut that is going to help burn off more bad bacteria and strengthen the good bacteria, as well as build stronger tissue and bringing balance to your body. A nice daily deep breath in the cold air refreshes you as well, especially when you’re taking a walk, a march, or a run. Breath in deep into the belly, not the chest. And breath out slowly. Take 30 breaths in a wide open space where you are alone and feel yourself immerse with nature.

  • Check out the Wim Hof Method for more cool information about deep breathing, health, and natural living.

Step Seven. Consider fasting.

Last but not least, fasting is an ancient method of clearing your gut and internal state through not consuming food or water for a period of time. The Islamic Religion fasts during Ramadam to ‘clear body and mind’. There is a reason why all large religions in the world initiate rituals of fasting. It is an excellent tool to give the body time to recover and repair itself.

Fasting clears the mind and body.

When you are fasting, your gut is not busy digesting food, and as such your body can focus on attacking bad bacteria, cover up broken gut linings, and promoting the growth of good gut bacteria. Especially when one eats a lot of gut improving foods listed above in his diet, fasting will help you clear and repair your gut tremendously.

Personally I fast on Sundays, I don’t drink or eat the entire day, this is possible because I usually don’t plan any activities on Sundays, I usually write, go for walks, or meet up with relatives, but I don’t do business and plan no busy social gatherings which require a lot of energy. Also, don’t drive a car or participate in public traffic, as your reflexes and eye sight will be very slow.

You will encounter that when you fast, you’ll be very tired, especially when you’ve never done it before. People can get irritating very fast, and it sure is no fun. But you’ll feel much better the following day. Over time fasting will become easier and your body and mind will get acustomed to it.

Fasting is tremendously beneficial when you have to focus on a task. Such as writing, building something, or working on a project. Your gut is not busy digesting so you have an extra amount of blood flow for your brain and muscles. I always experience euphoria when I fast for a whole day and write articles for my website. And you’ll appreciate your food much more the next day after you haven’t eaten anything for 24 hours.

Fasting can be done for 16, 24 or 48 hours where you don’t eat and drink. But 48 hours is not recommended to start with, it takes a few days and weeks to get accustomed to fasting.

You can also try intermittent fasting to get into the rhythm, where you eat all your meals in a 8 or 6 hour time window and fast for 16 hours. You skip breakfast and only eat and drink between 1 and 7 pm.

Step Eight. Take the right supplements.

I took many supplements but I feel these three did a great job of healing the gut.

  • Peppermint oil capsules
  • Fish oil capsules
  • Curcuma powder

Peppermint oil and fish oil: Both peppermint and fish oil are anti-inflammatory and that is exactly what helps calming down the stomach and gut. The peppermint oil calms down and relaxes your stomach and gut while the fish oil contains essential fats and vitamins that promote good bacteria, heal the gut lining, and promote digestion.

Curcuma powder has super healing powders. This powder has the ability to stop and dismember cancer cells. It clear out your gut from all bad bacteria en cleans it from bad stuff.

Buy HIGH quality supplements. Do not let the price scare you because your health is priceless!


Healing your eczema, and whether it is correlated to a ‘leaky gut syndrome’ was a long tedious, and uncertain road for me but it proved that my gut feeling from the beginning was right. What I wish to tell you is that you should also listen to your gut feeling, and instinctively start learning to feel what is right and wrong for you on the foods you are eating.

What I’ve written down here has helped me tremendously but not every kind of eczema is the same and therefore what works for me doesn’t have to work for you.

Understand, that implementing these changes will change your lifestyle, but as I said, eczema is a lifestyle condition. The treatment is to change your lifestyle, become more balanced, and this is not easy. See it as a challenge, see it like you are going to clim out of this pit. I saw it like I was slowly climbing out of a pit of suffering, of itching, of not being able to sleep. Before I knew it I saw daylight and I could sleep again. I could live again, I could love again, I was living life again!

  1. Consider contacting a respected natural healer and consult him or her about your problem.
  2. Find out what triggers your eczema and then remove those ‘triggers’ from your life. Execute them for 30 days
  3. Stress LESS! take matter back into your own hands.
  4. Get good sweats, sweating is fucking important! Sweat it out! Those nasty toxins have to get out your skin and body. Exercising and sweating are a natural anti-depressant.
  5. Eat alkaline foods that improve your gut system.
  6. Oxygen, on a daily basis you should breath deeply into your belly.
  7. Consider fasting one day a week to let the gut lining clear itself.
  8. Give your body time to heal. It take around six months to change the composition of gut flora but  it might take longer, even up to a year, or two years. It depends on how well disciplined you are and your ability to say “No” to a lot of bad things.


There’s no way but the hard way.

All will be well worth it once you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you also suffer from eczema, or have any questions, you can ask me anything in the comments section below. I know what you are going through and I know how difficult it is.



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