Be A Player

There’s two kinds of people on this planet…

There are the spectators who watch the game from a safe distance.

The spectators are not in the game. The don’t want to understand that life is simply a game like GTA and they call their God: Mr Luck. The spectators never work for their succes and never grow. The spectators actually want to be players but they are too afraid to play and fear their own successes, just like spectators in a football stadium rather sit down to see starts perform instead of becoming stars themselves. Spectators are afraid to do their own thing and they try to always copy something that already exists. They never come outside of their comfort zone. They need to be pushed out to do start doing something.

All the spectators do is talk talk talk and talk some more, they talk all the way to their graves.

Then there are the players who play the game.

The players are obsessed with playing and learning their business. Their God is called: Lady Opportunity and the players are constantly seeking her. They know that time is money and don’t have the patience to listen to some critic. The players hate being a spectator, and their biggest fear is to stop playing. The players do their own own thing and they don’t need anyone else to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

All a player does is simply: build, build, build and build some more, to the stars and beyond!

The spectators multi-task and never invest. Spectators never accomplish and always complain. Spectators believe in luck, limits and fate.

Excuses are the spectators answer.

The player focusses on only one thing only and works his ass off until he has finished it. Players know that their boundaries are simply levels in a game such as GTA that can be completed by learning, growing, and not giving up.

To go next level.

Possibilities are the players answer.

There is no limit to what a player can achieve. Players believe destiny can be molded into whatever you make of it.

Players only think of the end goal and want to reach it as soon as possible! The neglect the opinions of everyone else. If they think it can work, it will work.

If you don’t know what game to play, think of something you’d want to wake up early everyday to build upon.

And start ignoring the critics from day 1.

Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Metallica, Mike Tyson, Lionell Messi, and Justin Bieber.

Do you think any of them ever listened to critics?

They are either too busy crushing their goals or too busy partying like there is no tomorrow.

The critical critics want to put out that fire that burns inside of you with their negativity, insecurity, and fears.

These things put out fire real fast!

It’s no surprise Facebook has become the place where everybody can criticize and condemn everything, while being safe behind their keyboards at home. It’s safe and easy to give in and join the rest of the complainers. It’s harder to stick to your guns and not give in.

Some people like to call nog giving in the hard way, but it actually becomes the easy way. The only way I would say.

The hard way is to continue talking and criticizing all your life long without taking any action.
Until you are on your death bed and realize that you had so many opportunities but hardly took any of them.

The hard way is overthinking every idea that comes into your God given brain, and never acting upon these ideas.

The hard way is watching your neighbour John Doe buying a brand new Sportscar while you are still sitting on your couch all day long like an asshole.

The hard way is living life with no fire, no passion, and no plan…

Instead of wasting time, you should stop talking and start doing.

Ignite that fire burning inside of you with your actions, your instinct, and your balls, protect it from those that don’t have fire, for they want to put yours out.

Once you ignite the fire andstart building, you will understand that there’s no turning back. You’ll never want to be a spectator again.

You will never want that fire to stop burning.

You’ll never want to go back to the coldness of being a spectator.

Once you start playing you’ll realize anything is possible.

So get to building boys.

And be a player.

Live up to your own expectations.

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