Why You Should Never Smoke Marijuana

I am from the Netherlands, the country where buying and consuming weed is semi-illegal.

I don’t care about whether weed should be legalized or not.

What I care about  is that you; the reader of my blog, should know the consequences of smoking weed, that is my concern.

I am not telling to stop smoking marijuana, we live in a free world and anyone is free to do what he or she wants.

I am telling you what I think of marijuana, and I don’t like it one bit…

I hope you do the right thing, and stay away from weed.


As I said, I have lived in the Netherlands for all my life. I have seen what the effects of marijuana are on youngsters and adolescents and even on myself.

I’ve always abstained from weed as much as possible because I instinctively knew that smoking weed is devastative to a positive mindset and a healthy body because I have experience being high myself many times.

You could say I am an expert on the matter…

And my expertise tells me that:

Smoking weed clouds your healthy judgement.

In a liberal country like the Netherlands only few dare to notice, lest name the many negative side effects that the consumption of marijuana has.

Let me tell you why you should never smoke weed:

1. Weed is consumed as a substitute

People smoke weed to calm the healhty nerves of going after what they want. Usually because they are too afraid to go after it.

“I just want to feel good.” Is what they’ll tell you. Let’s get high! (And shut ourselves off…)

Let me ask you… do you think you have problems? You are probably 18-24 years old and in the prime of your life, there’s nothing you should be whining and complaining about.

You have options… not problems!

And if there are problems, then work on them, solve them! Don’t whine and complain and puff yourself high to the loony bin.

I’ve seen it happen all the time in my high school years and during college. If there’s the option to smoke weed, or to go to a crazy party where lots of cool guys and girls are partying. Why is it that all the smokers, stoners, and loners do is sit down and blaze the night away? While whining later on “that the music sucked”…

It’s simply because they are too afraid and too insecure to meet new people, and therefore use weed as a substitute to still get cheap thrills (really cheap thrills).

Too afraid to approach girls, too afraid to make friends, too scared that they won’t make a good impression, and too afraid to fail.

It’s all insecurity…

So instead of doing the scary thing, they cut themselves out of reality and enter ‘another dimonson’ to escape reality.

Stoners simply let fear control themselves.

It always goes down the same route, blazing and smoking for as long as possible until the party is already over, and then complain.

2. Marijuana destroys willpower

Every person that smokes weed is always jealous of successful people and that’s simply because the successful person has the willpower to achieve whereas the stoner is always complaining, excusing, or wasting time.

It’s also because the winner is able to abstain from all alcohol or drugs and the losers want to keep on consuming it to fill the hole that they have inside of them.

It’s because weed blinds them from all the opportunities that exist within the day and they’ve became too scared to take them.

It’s also because marijuana is a quick fix for feeling good without working for it, your reward system is turned on without you achieving anything.

Also, it’s no coincidence that the people who smoke weed are strongly correlated to those people who are dependent on social welfare.

Do you want to be a helpless little bitch that is dependent on the state to provide for you?

Or do you want to be strong and proud and be able to provide for yourself?

In case you want to switch drugs, I’d like to introduce you to a new drug which is called sweating.

Instead of breaking your willpower down with smoking marijuana you can start building it up by going to the gym or doing sports outside.

3. Weed rots your brain

It’s no coincidence that the amount of college dropouts is strongly correlated with smoking weed, although they themselves like to believe otherwise…

Every one of these college stoner kids thinks he is the next brainchild that simply doesn’t need to study or work for his success, and that he will simply acquire it through being brilliant with marijuana. I’ve seen it happen countless times, where some pothead had to take an extra semester or had to quit college because they thought they were already at level ‘genius’.

Not only college kids are fooling themselves with the herb. I’ve also seen amazingly talented artists who really had a feel for their craft drown themselves with drugs and exchanged their passion for a cheap thrill of being high and as a result now are unable to improvise or create art of that same level, and cannot figure out why they still haven’t achieved success…

I’ve seen guys with tremendous potential become depressed because the fire in their hearts has been suffocated with the smoke from weed, and as such has been burning very lowly, or even died out!

Also, every pothead says the same thing about their experiences smoking weed. ‘Man, I took a few hits, and suddenly I had these amazing insights, you know… I want to feel that again… That was awesome…dude…Really…you wouldn’t understand…Next level man…next level…

The only problem is that those insights are never capitalized upon because you simply forget what you came up with while you were high. Even if you did write down all those ideas you will cringe when you re-read them the next day and literally feel like an idiot, because they make no sense anymore. Weed makes you think you are a genius but truly the thoughts you had were nothing but fantasy.

There is no shortcut to having genius thoughts, all things worthwhile need to be worked for. Brainpower requires energy, and not marijuana. Learn to meditate or go do sports instead to come up with great ideas.

4. Weed destroys your lungs, stamina, and body.

The lungs are one of your most precious organs you have. Lung tissue cannot be regenerated like skin or bones, once the alveoli have popped due to inhaling smoke they shrink and the total amount of oxygen you are able to inhale decreases.

Like every other smoker you will rationalize these fears away.

“Yeah mate, I know, but right now I just want to chill, I’ve had a rough day, stop triggering me.”

Haha! Yeah right, what you define as rough is not even a warmup for guys like me!

Once you inhale the thick marijuana smoke you need at least two weeks to get all the residue of the smoke from your lungs because it isn’t supposed to stay there. The lungs are very hard to cleanse because of their complexity.

To develop stamina, you need to train your lungs. If your lungs are constantly bombarded with smoke they need more energy and air to cleanse themselves, and that requires more energy from your daily dose.

Furthermore, you will do tremendous damage to your body. The liver and kidneys need to work tremendously hard to cleanse your blood from all the smoke, nicotine, and all other toxic shit that is contained in your marijuana smoke.

Slowly but surely you are suffocating yourself… but you’ ll notice it only in twenty years or something.

I don’t have to show you nasty pictures of people who did go down that road all the way and saw their body slowly fall apart.

The good news is that you can quit now, and never come back!

5. The quality of your weed is much lower than you think.

You think you are buying the finest quality just because your street dealer or coffee shop tells you so?


In many cases (especially in Amsterdam) the marijuana is enhanced with chemicals to make the experience of being high more intense.  Tourists and other people new to smoking marijuana will experience this insane high as a indicator of high quality weed.

But truly it’s due to the nasty chemicals that have been sprayed upon the weed that work deeper into your system. It’s chemicals that make the marijuana burn more intensely and therefore more of it comes into your lungs, but also, these chemicals are very toxic and are also inhaled with the marijuana smoke, so it’s extra toxic. Yuk!

The real high quality weed is priced much and much higher and is usually never sold in coffeeshops, because people don’t want to pay for it.

6. You’re being lied to

You can tell me about all the ‘studies’ that smoking weed lowers stress.

You can tell me all about ‘studies’ that people who smoke seem happier.

And there’s ‘evidence’ that people with serious conditions benefit the smoking of marijuana.

There’s guys ‘claiming’ that weed just makes everything better.

Street dealers like to tell you that they themselves smoke as well, but in most cases they don’t.

They know about the dangerous side effects of marijuana.

Obviously researchers like to come up these kind of statements because they are controversial and it might make them famous with a party status; “You know Dr. Sus and So, they did researcher into marijuana, and it proves that it makes you smarter, so let’s light one up!”

Instead of using ‘ studies ‘ as an argument for you addiction, ask yourself the real question whether smoking weed is truly good for you. At RegainCommand.com we like to use our own healthy judgement and I’ve advise anyone to do the same.

7. You’re financing criminality

When you buy weed from a street dealer or coffee shop (NL) you are financing criminality.

You are indirectly paying the people who use violence, terror, and other means necessary to get their ends meet.

Maybe you will never notice it but it’s criminality.

Sure, you don’t care, it’s not directly your problem right? You’re telling me there is no problem just because you cannot see it?

You’re also financing the people that torture, enslave, or sometimes even kill other people.

All because you want to shut yourself down with marijuana because you are ‘depressed.’


8. Weed makes you paranoid.

How many times have you had a discussion with a pothead about how bad the government, world politics, or Illuminati?

I bet: always and every time.

These looneys like to believe in ‘secret societies’ and other ‘groups of 12’ that ‘rule the world’.

Sure, you wish to claim that governments enslave people through capitalism.

It’s really hard to make any sense of these people because they are have indulged so much into conspiracy theories that they actually start to believe them.

In reality, people smoking weed are degenerate little bitches that need a kick in the ass to go start doing something worthwhile with their lives.

Don’t be one of them, be the one who kicks the ass, takes the cash, and takes the names for doing so.

And the world is not ruled by secret societies, the world is ruled by opportunities…

9. Weed causes depression.

Keep at it, and eventually you’ll be asking to see a therapist who will prescribe you pills instead of marijuana.

Weed blinds you from opportunities and chances.

No wonder you get depressed when you don’t see a way out.

Stop blinding yourself and start searching for the light!

10. Weed is shamelessly promoted to kids through our mainstream media 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor college pothead

Western media likes to pretend that smoking weed is ‘cool’  and makes you ‘ gangster ‘. but really when I see guys smoking weed on Saturday night they are always in corners with their friends talking about sex, politics or religion while winners go to the bar to talk to women.

It’s a big crime to promote weed so abundantly and without any feeling of responsibility to kids. The evidence is everywhere.

11. Hanging around with other potheads identifies you

They say that your personality is made up for 80% of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

If those 5 people are all potheads, guess what: you are probably a pothead yourself!

Guess what will happen when you tell them you want to quit smoking weed? In case you already haven’t tried?

They will tell you things like

“Man it’s not worth it, why quit it?

“Man you worry too much, here take a puff.” 

“Dude, you’ve stated that for 7 times already, are you serious?”

It’s because your ‘ friends ‘ don’t want you to excel, because they will get jealous of you.

They want you to stay the same, so you can all be miserably addicted to weed together.

Find new friends, friends that rather see you excell.

If the 5 people you hang out with are all winners, hey guess what, you are probably a winner yourself!

12. Smoking weed is addictive

“I’d like to smoke weed because it is not addictive.” 

Yeah right, that’s why you do it 4 days out of the week.

Smoking weed is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes, it’s called a drug for no reason and if you keep at it eventually you will crave weed just as you will crave pornography, cigarettes, alcohol, or sex.

DISCIPLINE YOURSELF. Stay away from drugs.

The answer is usually discipline.

Discipline is freedom,

addiction is slavery.

13. You’ll save lots of money and lots of time.

Think about all the cash you will save instead of wasting it on drugs.

Think about all the free time you will get because you aren’t spending time with losers anymore.

Think about all the winners you can meet and learn from.

Think about all the time you will save instead of sobering up and retreating in your dark room behind your computer.

14. You’ll become more attractive to women

What do you think women will find more attractive, a loser bum who knocks himself out every weekend and complains about the government while making excuses why he shouldn’t quit smoking weed.

Or a guy who quits his addictions, betters himself, educates himself (through reading blogs like mine) and becomes the man he dreams of, without being dependent on anyone or anything.

15. You don’t really enjoy smoking weed. 

Because you are too afraid to quit it, and as such want to stick to it.

Like a little child who cannot say goodbye to his mother.

Instead, throw that joint away and become a real man! For god’s sake!


Quit it for 30 days.

The answer to get out of a marijuana circle is to say goodbye to smoking marijuana and your circles who smoke marijuana, for ever.

Say ‘No’ to marijuana for 30 days.

Keep a notebook where you write down how you feel and note the days you’ve stopped smoking weed.

You will feel better as the days pass by, it might be hard, but remember.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going…

Who would you rather be?

A. Rocky Balboa, who works for his success day in day out, doesn’t have time to bullshit around with losers, and cares about his family?

B. Typical pothead (or college guy) who studies on his parents expense and wastes time for days on end by destroying his brain and willpower with marijuana.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor rockyAfbeeldingsresultaat voor college pothead


Why would You say ‘No’ to  smoking marijuana for 30 days?

Because you will cleanse your body from all the toxic smoke.

Because you will get things done this time.

Because you will build up more willpower, and use it to do things that make you excel even more.

Because you will get disgusted by the thought of hanging out with other stoners.

Because you will get time (to spend with winners and learn from them).

Because you will get to work for what you want (instead of making excuses why it can’t be done).

Because you will get more attractive to women.



Instead of lighting a joint, destroy all you marijuana and rolling papers into a big fire and watch it burn for 30 days.

You’ll thank me later.

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