The High Importance of Doing Scary Things

Reaching the summit of a mountain in 2016 with dad.

Doing scary things awakens you.

See that beautiful girl down the street that gives you nerves? Just go and deliver her a simple “Hi, I just wanted to come over and see what you were like” and see what happens. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You might get blown off and feel a sting but it will only be temporary. Afterwards you will feel relieved you’ll be proud of your bold action.

Do you want to quit college because you find it a waste of time to hang around dozens of mindless idiots? Then quit! And start learning the things you need to in order to succeed in your life, What’s the worst thing that could happen? You have a hard time learning the skills you need but eventually you will learn those skills and be a success in your field. Without a college degree!

You want to go into business for yourself but you don’t know how to? Just quit your soul stealing day time job and tell your boss your priorities are elsewhere. What’s the worst thing that could happen? You go broke. You file bankruptcy, recover financially, identify your mistakes and learn from them and go try again while being better prepared! Every successful entrepreneur has gone broke before and it’s certainly no shame. You’ll eventually learn the tricks of your trade through trial and error anyway.

You want to quit drinking and smoking but you are afraid of not being able to fully relax at a bar or club? At least try it for 30 days. Stick to it. Even if you feel incredibly sick, nervous and nauseous in a club then still tell everyone you are “not smoking anymore”. “When the going get’s tough, the tough get’s going. Soon you will get used to this new feeling and the anxiety will be gone. plus you will get admired by the smokers who all actually want to quit smoking or drinking. Use that pride as fuel. Just drink water and talk to other people. Be interested in other people and they will get interested in you.

You want to quit smoking weed or doing other drugs but you are afraid of not getting the same high anymore? Quit it for 30 days and take note of how good you will start to feel. Soon you’ll realize all drug addicts and weed smokers are mere time wasters and excuse makers. It’s all in your mind. You are stronger than you realize.

You want to travel the world alone but are afraid of being lonely? Just book that plane ticket. Leave everyone and everything behind (don’t worry they will still be there when you get back). See how easy it is to meet new people, within a day you will have made new friends.

You encounter a person that tries to test your character? Are you going to tuck your tail between your legs and let them have their way with you or are you going to stand up and sure as hell let them know they are dealing with a fighter?

You come across a wolf in the forest. Do you make you chest stick out, set up an angry face, and challenge the wolf (with the possibility that the wolf will back off?) Or do you run away with the wolf chasing you, and probably outpacing you and having you and your friends for dinner?

Usually fear hits you when you get presented an opportunity. Always ask yourself, what is the worst thing that could happen?

It is _____ and will it seriously harm me?

The reason why you should do scary things is that you will expand your comfort zone by going outside of your comfort zone. The change afterwards is always permanent. The borders of your comfort zone have been extended because you conquered new territory. It won’t be as scary as the first time. You will lose that virginity. The more scary you find it, the larger your comfort zone will be after you’ve done it.

“The dive itself itself is much less scary than standing on the pool’s diving platform.”

In case you have fear of talking to strangers; you should initiate a conversation with one stranger, than that fear will be already diminished. Talk to a few other strangers and suddenly you will feel more relaxed at talking to strangers. This is how you will get over all of your fears. It takes a few successful tries with positive reinforcement to get used to performing that action.

It is like building a wall of bricks. With each brick representing doing something scary you will build upon your confidence, soon you will have so much confidence it stands tall like a house. And everyone will notice it!

Implement a habit of doing at least one scary thing a day. Write it in your agenda. This can be as small as talking to a cashier or jumping out of a plane. Soon you will be loaded with confidence.

Even not if it is just for the thrill of doing scary things, you will get a hormone release that makes you feel incredibly good every time!

The more scary things you do, the more confident you will be later in life.

It might become your new ‘healthy addiction’.

Push yourselves, you will thank yourself later.

There is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Become Fearless!








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