Everything You Need To Know About Ridiculous Modern Day Feminism

Warning: this post contains pictures that may be considered harmful for children to watch.

Update. I like to take the opportunity to make my thoughts crystal clear. I absolutely respect the women’s movement that occured before the Second World War and the 1960’s that made it possible for women to have careers, the right to vote, and the status of being an equal citizen to men by law. I honour these women who made that possible.

I am in no way claiming that women don’t have equal rights as men, and vice versa. Women are just as okay as men are, and for any man to say that a woman is less because she is a woman is anything but a man, but rather, a sorry son-of-a-bitch.

Ok!  Now that has been said, let me start.


Nearly all feminist women in the the West have become increasingly stressed, sad, depressed, or on the edge of borderline (source), (source) and (source). The most obvious reason for this is that nearly all women in the west have started to live and behave like a feminist (or feminazi). Feminism these days is used to condemm patriarchy, to worhsip ridiculous ideals and filthy lies, and even hate everything that was once good, supportive, and just.

For instance, watch women get anxious or angry if you question their decision to start a corporate career at age 21 (because it is quite a venture). Watch women get angry when you decide to ‘split the bill at a bar’. Watch women perform in marches for more ‘equal rights’ while openly condemming all masculinity and patriarchy (biting those hands that feed). Watch young women act reckless and immoral in their twenties and ruin their lives afterwards. Watch feminists pathetically act like men just so they can make their point. It’s all getting insane.

The once good feminism of the 60’s has evolved into a modern attention seeking hate ideology that demands male privileges but seems to neglect male responsibilities. Feminism constantly encourages women to repress their natural instincts and act like men. Feminism promotes ‘equal treatment’ but when equal treatment comes round’ women find it ‘unacceptable’ when they are treated equal.

“I don’ need no man. I am as strong lika’ man.” 

If you tell a lie long enough, it eventually becomes the truth. But fortunately my natural instincts can not be blinded.


This Feminism was started by a group of nasty women who chose to ride motorcycles all day instead of being just feminine back in the 1960’s. These dykes on bikes felt mistreated by society and as a result needed an outlet for their anger. They sought independence but didn’t care for any responsibility whatsoever.

They didn’t realize no man was paying attention to such reckless and immoral women. Because these little piggies couldn’t understand this, they kept on pushing the limit of what was deemed acceptable and eventually started to encourage  other women to join the ‘fight against the men (who oppress them)’.

Due to the liberal attitude of politics and the cuckservative attitude of most men in the West this all degenerated into modern day feminism.

Soon this trend started to evolve into society and politics with the liberal hippy movement. A few decades later these same type of women who ‘felt mistreated’ became frustrated due to the fact they still weren’t paid attention to, and hence bought into the liberation of women as they still were ‘ clearly oppressed by men.’ What these women actually desired was some male attention but no sensible man understandingly paid attention to such vampires.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dykes on bikes 1980Afbeeldingsresultaat voor angry feminist Afbeeldingsresultaat voor fat feminist Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ugly feminist Afbeeldingsresultaat voor angry feminist

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor angry feminist  Afbeeldingsresultaat voor angry feminist

(Sometimes I ask myself: What the hell is going on here?)

Important to realize here is that this Feminazi movement grew out of fear. That fear irresponsible women have of being left outside alone until they are too old to start a family. That is why every feminist is unhappy and wants to break down patriachy as well as the natural drive of any other women of being a mother. Mainly by encouraging them to get a career. (you go girl!)

For instance, feminists’s these days encourage other women to start an extensive career, to ‘explore their sexuality,’ and to live their life ‘young wild and free.’ Because they know perfectly well no reasonable man wants to date a women that is too reckless or overly independent. Instead of making the decision to change their own behavior and better their appearance these crazy women want other healhy women to share their collective demise like crabs in a barrel. (I can’t seem to have it, so I don’t want you to have it too.)

They like to believe that men ‘oppressed women’ for ‘ thousands of years’ (how terrible!) because clearly all men are evil, especially white men! Why do you think feminists have started to attack the patriarchy? Well, there is actually no real reason for women to have a husband or man anymore. Instead of finding a husband or partner women are now supported by Daddy Government who provides them with a monthly stash of cash to get by.

‘Pussy’ Generation

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor clint eastwood

According to older men who still have some morals and are not afraid to defend them like Clint Eastwood, Donald Trump, and your grandpa. We currently live in a pussy-fied, ass kissing generation. (source). Feminism and political correctness are a result of this. Can you imagine feminism taking place in countries such as Vietnam, Russia, or Arab countries?

Feminism is literally everywhere in Western culture. Look at the Hollywood productions from the last decade. Feminism is promoted ad nausum here in the way that the women is always portrayed as the strong independent sassy ‘know it all’ bitch who drives the car while the man is the chump who babysits the child and has to take all her nagging while saying: “yes dear, you are right.” or “of course, I understand… ” As well as the fact that masculine men are never the good guys. If you see a white man who is selfish, fair, and comfortable in his own skin he is always portrayed as the bad guy.

As a result many girls and boys copy this exact behavior. And from what I see both don’t feel comfortable in their own skin anymore. Because the way they are taught to act doesn’t resonate with the nature that is inside of us.

Also, because feminism teaches women to act like men, young men unconsciously think they have to act like women. The result is that especially our younger male generation has never learned to step it up when necessary. Most of the young men these days have become massive pussies and will give in to any bit of resistance thrown at them.

Instead of seeking challenges and overcoming them, young men have become soft and sit behind the play station vehemently, smoke weed everyday, or watch pornography extensively to fill the holes they have in their hearts. A lot of boys have lost their balls and gut instinct and seem to have no life purpose, morals, or direction because all masculine traits they see on television are considered ‘wrong’.


No one is equal. We are all different from each other.

Why do women and men’s salary differ? Why are men paid more than women? Well, a payment is an exchange of currency for labor. Whereas the best quality of labor is compensated with the best payment. Therefore the party that is able to provide the best quality will, as by natural law, receive the best payment. This is called supply and demand. Men are usually paid more than women because they (again) usually provide better quality of labor (work harder, or are appreciated more by the employer). It is a transaction between the buyer and the seller.

Furthermore, ‘but they work the same kind of jobs’ argument is so superficial because literally no one performs the real same kind of jobs. Age, education, experience, and salary are all factors that make it completely impossible to make a general statement about the wage difference of all men and women. So it is just assumed that women earn 20% percent or 75% of what men earn. If we forget the fact that most women work part time (for which they even get paid more on average) it doesn’t take much more than a pair of two eyeballs to see that women generally don’t want to do the jobs most men do (sales, tough physical jobs, or leadership roles) because most women don’t like doing them. That leaves us with a huge supply of women who want to be paid ‘more’ to do jobs that generally have lower salaries.

As well as the fact that men usually have more experience, knowledge, or work full time means that the employer values them more.

Ask yourselves this: Why do hospital managers mostly employ women? Why do most wood chopper companies like to employ tough men? It is because they hate the opposite sex or are they more desired in that position? Maybe it is because women are the better caregivers and men are the best soldiers. Both sexes fit their respective job description better. Makes sense?

In addition, many women seem to worry in their fifties whether they may have totally ruined their lives by not having kids or being a neglectful working mother who was at the office all day long.

Male & Female Traits

For those that haven’t bought into feminism yet (it is rare). I wish to enlighten you that biological differences exist between men and and women on a physical and mental level. I will make a bold statement here to make it perfectly clear what the difference between men and women is.

Male and female traits and qualities are not defined by balony such as culture but by DNA.

The qualities of men are: leadership, aggression, and strength

And, you guessed it, the qualities of women are : subservience, calmness, and nurturing.

Men and women are generally the opposite of each other and they meet in a relationship. A women’s yin completes a man’s yang. They complement one  another. When the roles reverse men and women become unhappy.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor yin and yang

Women these days are so afraid of being ‘less’ than a man out of fear. But has any real man ever stated women were less than man? The beauty about male and female chemistry is that they cannot live without each other. The one is not worth much without the other. Together they are complete. If one gets miserable they both get miserable. Take a look at the yin and yang symbol. Does it in any way tell us that the white is better than the black? Or vice versa? Does the white try to penetrate the black? Or are they both interwoven and respectful of each others boundaries? Is aggression better than calmness? Is dominance better than submissiveness? Is men better than women? No, no, no and no! They need each other to be complete. To make a ‘complete package’.

Where does the white start? It originates from the black. It is the same as without darkness there is no light and without light there is no darkness. Every ending is a new beginning. The man is not complete without his woman and the women is not complete without her man. It is a relationship that can only be based around trust.


There are many many more problems with feminism these days. But you as a young man should never fall for the lies they tell you. See it as a shit-test to go through. Use your own eyes and judgement. Listen to your gut feeling and realize that you have been sold a whole bag of nonsense about what feminism, masculinity and women really are.

Thanks to feminism we have groups of irresponsible women in the West crying for more ‘equal’ treatment like children who have just been give a bag of candy and still aren’t satisfied. We have boys that grow up without understanding what it means to be men and we have men that are being attacked for their masculinity and responsibility.

I guess it is in female nature to always want more and never be satisfied. I know some creatures in the animal kingdom who do the same and they are not really nice creatures.

Man wants to adore his wive like a wolf that adores his she-wolf. But no wolf adores a she-wolf that is fat, argumentative, and always upset. No, the wolf will find another she-wolf that will submit to his dominance. Masculine men want feminine women. Men want women who embrace their femininity and are conscious of it.

Women these days like to pretend victims of patriarchy so they can get more social benefits. It is just so easy from them to find a scapegoat for all their problems.

Women of the West! Realize that nasty feminists are all simply jealous of your youthful submissive qualities. Don’t buy into the idea you will ever be the same as a man, you simply can’t. Realize that feminism really should be all about embracing female qualities and letting them flower.

Women, let the she-wolf out!

– Sebastian Heart

(p.s. There still are some sane women left in the world, check out this smart cookie!)


Further Reading

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    • I know, I know. But even if it sounds bitter it doesn’t mean it holds some truth in it. See for yourself.

  1. What do you say about homosexuality (or bisexuality for that matter), since you say men and women complement each other in a ying yang kinda way? Also like with essentially everything in the world there’s bound to be exeptions, no? Like dominant women or nurturing men

    • From all the homosexuals I’ve met most of them were are all in for a fun ride of life but not so much for the responsibilities that life brings. And I think they should be free to do so ofcourse.

      in essence, every man likes to be dominant. Dominance is a good thing. Domineering how ever (always being in control) is a pathetic attitude. Therefore I generally think women like guys who are dominant because they make quick decisions.

      Nurturing men also exist of course, but for those guys that have always been nurturing I think they should also try to challenge themselves more, as it is in male nature to get out of your comfort zone more and overcome your fears. But I’ve seen exceptions to the matter. I’ve also seen guys that once were very nurturing and started to do some sports to me and lived up entirely to their potential. “Wow” I’ve never felt this good is what they always told me after they challenged themselves and never wanted to go back to their old ways.

      I am not against any kind of gender, transsexuality, or sexual preference, I just used my own two eyes to see why so many women in the West seems to be depressed all the time.

  2. Sounds like you’re writing for a convention of men who are still bitter that they came early during their first and only time having sex.

  3. I’ve read anti feminist papers who make quite good arguments, with evidence (that consists of more than sweeping generalizations that you criticize feminists for) and are quite convincing. Your paper would make anti feminists everywhere embarrassed. Your protozoan level of thinking is clearly demonstrated by your inability to form correct sentences (is men better than women?) and the ridiculous hypocrisy behind calling women the anxious, stressed out, angry ones who only seek attention to find a “dominant man” (like you I’m sure) yet you are the one who spends hours crafting a horribly written posts because you are anxious about your masculinity, and feel the need to assert your “dominance” by hiding behind a blog post and yelling at women for not walking into your arms. Clearly you are scared of a movement which you don’t understand (quite like how a baby is scared of loud noises, like the vacuum cleaner) and instead of attempting to grasp it, you resort to intentionally misinterpreting feminism to fuel your own misguided anger at women. Please, if you are going to attempt to make a case against feminism (for which there are plenty valid arguments, none of which are listed in your post) do some research first, and don’t let everyone know you have a 3′ dick in the process. Thank you

  4. Hey, I know you probably wont post this, but I really hope it will at least make you reconsider some things.

    We may not agree on whether there are still surviving facets of gender equality in the west which we should or should not fight. But it would be good for you to acknowledge that there is no ‘one’ contemporary feminism. You said you admire 1960 second-wave feminism, and although this movement did a lot of good for me, your mother, and probably a whole lot more females close to you. Women of color, low-income and LGBT women were largely excluded from this movement. It is very easy for you to disregard the today’s feminist movement, without acknowledging the position of women who are invisible to you. Consider that the people who write these anti-feminist articles are able to do so because of the domestic workers cleaning their houses, their streets, their towns, taking care of their parents and/or children. Todays feminist movement is not only about ‘most women’, or women who chose ‘low paying jobs’, it fights for women who are forced to 80+ hours a week, away from their families, to make a living. Appreciate and consider your position. And dont disregard something of which you have no knowledge.

    • I think gender equality always will exist. But what we have in the West is the BEST LIVING STANDARD EVER ON THE FACE OF PLANET EARTH! Seriously, the West is the BEST.

      Of course there is no one Feminism. But feminism in today’s world is completely unnecesary in the West.

      The women who work 80+ hours a week do not live in the West.

      And I clean my entire house, just as my family does. Because it saves money.

  5. Honestly, today is the first time I have actually read this article (before I only heard terrible things about it). I cannot say that I disagree with absolutely everything. There are some parts I do agree with [while being a woman lol], however, there are parts that are absolutely striking me. In fact, I would like to have an actual conversation with you about it (normal, where you are not constantly hitting on me; in fact – not at all). And if you think that I, as a woman, am capable of having a normal conversation with you without you thinking that you are dominant in it, I would like that. Though, something happened to your fb – can’t find you. Otherwise, I’d’ve written it in person. Cheers

    • That’s cool. Just hit me up when you see me. Don’t be shy. I’ll be up for it and won’t hit on you. Don’t worry.

      I deleted my Facebook. Learn more here:

  6. I see where you’re coming from Sebastian. In short, feminism is harmful to society. For both men & women.

    As a member of the ‘pussy generation’ I believe feminism is causing men to feel more lost than ever. And as a result they’re following blind ’empowered’ women. This cultivates a society of a bunch of shitty leaders and shitty followers.

    Great post bro!

    • Hi Rich.

      Excactly, the way I see it is that most men these days are okay with being led instead of leading.

      You hit the nail on the head. Empowerment of women for political reasons (even if they are completely inadequate leaders) and other nonsense is a direct result of men not having the balls to make any decisions.


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