14 Overlooked Simple Things Every Man Should Do


1. Sweat regularly

Sweating is a must. While you are sweating your body releases toxins in your skin and lets out it out through sweating. Sweat at least thrice a week. Doesn’t matter where, just do it!

2. Do not speak too much

Listen more and speak less. If you talk openly about your plans and goals you trick your brain into thinking you have already completed them and you won’t work as driven on it as before. How many times have you told your friends you were going to do A but you ended up doing B. Not A which is what you actually wanted to do. The strong and silent types never talk about their plans and suddenly do A and everybody is amazed. “How did you do it?” They ask you with big eyes when you do A and never spoke about it.

Also, do not talk too much about what you think or express your opinions before you are 300% sure that what you think is right. Do your research, experiment. Take a step back. Reflect. And then conclude.

If you speak too much you make it easy for other people to walk all over you.

3. Do one thing at a time

If you work at multiple projects at the same time you won’t really master or finish all of them. It will be a mess and you will suffer from scatterbrain or analysis paralysis.

If instead you work on one project and spend the rest of your time relaxing and living your life you will finish it before you can say “Hakoonah Matata”. If you work on multiple ventures you will miss the deadlines with all of them or deliver inferior quality.

Multitasking is for girls.

4. Learn how to handle money.

Do not be broke like a joke at the end of each month. Every month your money reserves should be increasin’ instead of depletin’. You want to live up to a higher standard of living, for that you need money.

There are two tips to start increasing your income. Save 10% of what you earn in a month for your absolute necessary reserve. This reserve you do not touch only in case of an emergency. Save another 10% for investment in your future career. Such as buying production means or tools. The resting 80% you use to live your life. And that which is left at the end of the month goes into your reserves.

This is how you grow monetary power.

Read The Richest Man In Babylon for more.

5. Look to kill.

Be cutting edge. Do not wear your flipflops on the streets. Buy well fitting shoes and a nice leather jacket. Wear a good shirt and be groomed. Make sure your hair is allright. Birds of feather flock together. If you look like negative shit, you will attract other pieces of shit into your life. If you are dressed to kill, you will attract all sorts of positive and supportive people into your life.

6. Do not be fat.

Simply don’t. Stop eating more than what you burn.

7. Take a lazy sunday

God created the world in 6 days and rested upon the seventh. Sunday’s are for relaxing. It is your sabbath day. You do absolutely jack shit. The things you do are sitting in the garden in the sun smoking a cigar while having sex with your girlfriend in the garden. Afterwards you invite some friends over and barbeque some steaks and hamburgers and have a nice dinner all together while the sun sets.

On sunday you don’t think as well. Your brain is off. Because you are so busy working all week your body and mind are tired and also need rest. If you don’t do this you will get burned out pretty quickly and your body will force you to stop thinking and decide for itself when to rest. Which will happen at a moment that is very invonvenient for you.

8. Do not masturbate too much.

Masturbation is great to explore your sexuality when you are fourteen years old. As a teenager you will do it 6 times a day because you cannot control the urge not to. Your body is raging with hormones and there is no stopping this.

But as you mature you will realize that ejaculating sperm frequently comes with a price. Your body will need to regenerate sperm and for this you get really tired, brain fogged, and experience a loss of senses. You cannot have that while you are working on your life mission. When you get older and start refraining from masturbating you will encounter that your voice gets deeper, you get stronger in the gym, you become restless when things aren’t going forward and more (read here).

If you quit masturbation altogether you will feel an ‘old power’ coming inside of you. Look at the NoFap movement for more.

9. Do not watch internet pornography.

Simply don’t. Watching internet pornography and masturbating to it reprogrammes your brain into thinking all women have to look like porn stars to turn you on.

It turns you into a nasty pig because all you can think is: “breasts, breasts, breasts”. While real sexual female qualities such as femininity and soft skin are completely neglected by your over saturated brain.

Furthermore, you will become scared of girls and be a sissy as you don’t learn how to handle women. Get out in the field and talk to all kinds of women to learn some game.

10. Eat real healthy foods.

Do not eat too much fast food or food that never expires and can be stored in the fridge for years to come. These foods have so many added chemicals and preservatives in them that they will ruin your body in the long term. I learned this the hard way by getting severe eczema. (read here). Buy real fresh meat or fish and get your vegetables and greens from the street market or of the organic farms. (not the supermarket).

11. Work with your hands.

Physically built something. Make music, or create something out of nothing. It are the things we built with our own hands that we value the most in this world. You will feel like a God afterwards.

12. Do not go to college or university (unless you have to)

Colleges and universities have become biased cultural marxist breeding nests where people like to pretend to be successful. The price you pay for what you get out of college is not always what you expected.

Only go to college when you absolutely have to. If you want to become an engineer, doctor, or lawyer it is necessary to go to college.

Otherwise, learn from the real world by doing things yourself instead of taking of accepting ‘advice’ from professors or academics. Real experience is only taught in real life. Usually not in a classroom.

13. Listen to high energy music to get the most out of your day.

AC/DC, Rammstein, Guns & Roses, Metallica, 50 Cent, ZZ Top, Tiesto, Van Halen and many more like sounding artists have a great repertoire of powerful music that will ‘turn you on.’ Heavy powerful music is what makes tough work easier. It is great music for partying, working out, and great for sex too.

But because our generation (generation Z, the millenials) is made out of giant pussies we consequently only have crappy soft music on the major radio stations. Even rap music (a substitute for high masculine white music is becomming soft and weak).

Your music has purpose. To get fired up, listen to high energy music.

Sad and downy music will make you down. Upbeat and powerful music will make you feel like a King.



14. Don’t be scared to say what you feel deep down inside.

We live in an insane society where even discussion your true honest opinion about whites, blacks, immigrants, women, and other people will result in you losing your job. We call ourselves liberal democracies but in reality the nazi’s are back in power because you cannot even discuss these matters anymore.

People are scared to tell other people they like them. Don’t be scared to appreciate your parents, family and friends.

It is okay for gays, lesbians, blacks, immigrants and feminists to openly criticize and condemn everything while openly state whatever they want whereas white people are shut down immediately when they even question something about their traditions, race or culture. Whites are always targeted as racist, mysoginist, or other evilness but the white race is actually the least racist. mysoginistic, or evil race in the world. We created the West and the West is the best. That is why every one wants to live in the West.

What people forget is that the United States and Europe ended slavery. The US civil war cost the live of 70.000 white men who died to end slavery. The European countries gave away their colonies. White countries accept immigrants while totally letting the immigrants get away with not assimilating or even adjusting their behavior.

Talk to girls you like. You will quickly find out if they are right for you or not.

If you feel scared to say something you probably should say it. Many times I’ve experienced it. You might hurt some people but who cares. Pain is temporary, lessons learned are forever. In my college years in 2016 I openly supported Donald Trump and people respected me for it. I was the only student who did so out 600. I guess most other people were just afraid to say they liked the Donald too. The people who hated me at that time afterwards came to me and told me they had respect for the way I was not afraid to express my opinion. We live in a democracy, do not silence yourself! Openly debate and openly argue. Don’t let go of your control though or you will look like a fool.

*Bonus: 15. Smoke Cigars

Smoking a cigar is a ritual for men. Only smoke cigars (and smoke quality cigars) when you have something to celebrate. Light your cigar with wooden matches to not ruin the flavor of a cigar. Take slow and long calculated puffs and do not inhale the smoke. Soon you will enter a world of extreme calmness. The relaxation will calm your body from a hard day’s work and allows you for rational thinking. Smoking cigars has been done for ages by men because it allows you to have better discussions and the ability to bond. Smoking cigars might damage your health but you do not totally destroy your lungs as with cigarettes because you do not inhale the smoke. You let the smoke stir in your mouth for around 5 seconds and then you blow it out. The taste of a cigar gets you down to Earth and makes you feel extremely calm. I like to think that the smoke of a cigar attracts all the negative energy in my body and disposes it while I blow it out.


  1. White people aren’t racist – “We created the West and the West is the best”. Not misogynist – Uses “pussies” as a derogatory insult and writes only to men. How can you constantly contradict yourself and not even realise it?

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