Why A Bully Is A Good Friend

Bullies will bully when they sense someone else’s fear. Bullies are simply insecure people who have never overcame any challenges themselves. Bullies want to domineer others because it makes them less nervous about themselves. It usually is some kind of nagging, teasing, or testing.

“Oh hey there little guy, how you doing? What? Are you upset because I am bullying you? What are you going to do about it huh? I guess nothing because you are too scared… What? What?? Ah that’s right…

Everyone laughs because what the bully says is true. You don’t dare to stand up for yourself. He just exposed your flaws to the rest. Unless you prove him brutally wrong. If you want to get rid of your bully, you have to make a first and knock the bully *boom! Right on his big nose. One or two times. And I guarantee you, your bullyee days will end instantly. No one else will do it for you. You have to do it yourself.

I remember punching my bully on a school field trip. It was one of my first victories. After being bullied for three long years I freed myself from the misery. I always had the key in my hand but I was too scared to unlock the door, until then. I remember seeing red before my eyes and getting really aggressive. Instinctively I made a fist and dived in. The look on his face was priceless as he did not saw it coming. After a minute of fighting the teachers pulled us away while he laid on the ground. With bloody knuckles I wiped away the joyful tears from my eyes.

I was happy I got into a fight with my bully. For he gave me the opportunity to totally kick the shit out of him. I was always too scared to go in for it myself and therefore let myself being bullied for three long years. My attitude changed. If he wouldn’t have bullied me I would never have started the fight, and I would have always remained that coward until this day. Afterwards we never spoke about it. Also, for some reason that I did not understand he started to say “Hi” to me every time I saw him. I got respect from all the kids at school now because I had proven I would stand up for myself.

The bullying itself however, never ended. Other people occasionally kept on nagging, teasing, testing. It all went on, but now I was not scared anymore to kick the balls back. This time I recognized the opportunities that were ‘giving’ to me. I started to ‘accept’ the challenges they were throwing at me. I started to have fun while doing so. I welcomed it. I realized they were making me grow into a better person. When a bully challenges you, you have an opportunity to become a better man. Not by being a pussy and ‘taking it’ (like I did for three long years) but by making a fist and knocking the bully right on the nose. Like ‘Booom!

You either win the fight or not. That doesn’t matter. What does matters is that your bully will sense you have stopped being a coward and you will teach both yourself and him a lesson. Don’t mess with me.

A bully is a great friend to have.


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