12 Reasons Why You Should Not Go To College Or University.

1. College does not bring any rewards

College does not bring you any tangible rewards other than an expensive piece of paper that you will get after some years.

No experiences, no cash, and no knowledge.

College only brings you theory. Lots and lots of theory.

We all know: The theory is never the same as in practice.

2. College does not make you smarter

The stuff that they teach you in college does not make you smarter. It makes you dumber. Eventually you learn analyse so much data and overthink everything that you will land into the world of ‘analysis paralysis.’

Eventually you will become scared of drawing your own conclusions and think for yourself. Before you know it you are a timid little man who needs to consult his professors (superiors) for every idea or conclusion you draw.

Do you want that? Do you need others to validate your opinions?


3. College is a business.

Your study books are extremely high priced (compared to other books) and contain an overload of information.

There are no key-points in university books and because of this they basically have no message other than: we need ‘mooore’ research.

The semesters are organized in such a way that the learning is extended over a long period of time. 12 or 15 weeks for simple material is really unnecessary and could be done in 2 or 3 weeks.

Finally the organized housing on a university campus is a big money maker as students pay incredible prices for their small stinky dorm rooms.

4. You will not find ‘like minded people’ in college.

Being around other students with no life purpose or drive will stall your personal development. You will sit in class and wonder why you are around people who’s primary business in life is to do drugs or binge drink alcohol. There won’t be any person in college who you will look up to or who will become and inspiration to you unless he has quit college and went his own way.

5. Crazy women

You will encounter college women and ask yourself why they are all obsessed with politics or male-female relationships. You will listen to their hysteria and wonder what has happened to the natural grace and inner nature of women. After listening to 25 minutes of make believe hysteria you will start to believe all women are insane. Fortunately for you there still will be sane women left but you won’t find them in colleges and universities.

6. Problem ‘creating’ mentality.

In all your college classes your professors will present to you all kinds of problems. Your inner nature will try to solve the problems they present to you but there never will be an answer. Even though the answer is very simple it is never a good answer.

Simply said: in college you don’t learn how to solve a problem, you will learn to enlarge the problems and define the problems in such a way that they have become massive burdens.

Also, the simple political incorrect answer is usually the right answer but you cannot make such statements in college…

7. Sitting down all the time.

You will have to sit down in plastic chairs for three years or more listening for two or more hours to a person who has done this for his or her entire life.

Also, you will be sitting in heated classrooms with no or little access to fresh air. Sitting down all the time is incredibly bad for your posture and stunts your body’s development. With no access to fresh air your brain cannot perform well and therefore you will get dumber.

8. The goal of college

Most people don’t go to college to ‘learn’. They go because of the prestige and the title of ‘having been to college’. It is not something to be proud of and it is a tremendous show off.

Decide for yourself whether you want to spend three years in purgatory so you can claim that you have ‘spend three years in purgatory.’

9. University is political indoctrination

While you are in university you are encouraged to speak your mind about whatever you want. But unless you stick to the norm or might be offending any kind of people you will be labelled a: racist, bigot, or whatever they will call you.

In college I vividly remember debating the political election of Donald Trump and just because I stated that I thought he might be a good president I was instantly excommunicated from a lot of social circles.

It didn’t matter to me that much, it also showed who my real friends where and how many nasty rats there are in college who talk behind everyone’s backs.  It did prove once again that university or college is political indoctrination. If you don’t conform you will be outcasted.

10. A Drug zone.

Nearly all colleges are notorious for the amount of drugs that is done by students (and professors). Do you really want to debate and listen to some potheads and other binge users who claim you are causing ‘microaggresions’ or that your ‘uninformed opinion’ is wrong?

Answer = no.

11. Group work

After you’ve seen what these people all really are there is no escaping from them as you will have to participate in group work to complete certain assignments.

You will have a lot of fun as you hand in your A+ work together with three other students who all worked at the assignment last minute because they were puffing weed for the last three days and present you something that doesn’t remotely look like academic work.

You will work with the most undisciplined people ever and they will keep themselves in higher regard because they think they are ‘so smart.’

No discipline = no rewards

12. Your professors

Out of all my professors I only had some respect for one (because he was the only one who was able to maintain order in class).

College professors come in all sorts and shapes but nearly all of them are still the life long students who never were able to accept life as it is and put their shoulders into doing something worthwhile with their lives.

3 Better alternatives

Option C: Intern at a company. 

Instead of working for a good grade and not learn anything useful. Why not work for a good salary and learn valuable people skills at the same time at a sales company.

Option B: Travel

With you heard earned cash you can travel the world and see places no one  you know has ever been to before. While traveling the world you will gain valuable perspectives on what is right and wrong and how people truly are. You don’t need a 100 dollar sociology textbook to learn that.

A car and some gasoline will give you enough time, pleasure, and adventure to go see the whole world in one year.

Option A: Start Your Own Company.

The surest way to not follow any rules but to make the rules is to start your own company. You will be free to do whatever you want at your company.

Do something big or small. It doesn’t matter. As long as you make some money on your own you will never ever want to go back to a job, college, or university.

Victor Pride once said: “Building a business will teach you more than all your schooling and life experience combined” and this is true. Once you become responsible for your own life and build your own business you will truly start to realize things that no textbook or professors could teach you.

Think about it.

– Sebastian Heart


  1. Great post Sebastian, I think we really need to spread the word and get these younger guys to think before they get themselves into all kinds of debt.

    I played the college game and lost myself.

    Do I fully regret it? No. I had some good experiences.

    Were those experiences worth what I paid? HELL NO!

    We need to re-think the whole college thing and start looking at entrepreneurship, trades, and other alternative career paths, because college is definitely NOT for everyone.

    Anyways, take care bro.

    • Thanks Sonny.

      Same here. Was it worth it after three years? Answer: no.

      After college I started to work in a sales company and learned more in three weeks than I did in three years of college.

      All the best!

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