Get A Sales Job

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Get a Sales Job

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Sales jobs are for action takers. Are you fed up with your current working situation and want to get out of the safe boring job?

Are you still in college and have no clue what to do after you graduate?

Are you a high school dropout and aspire to become a millionaire?


Then get into the unknown exciting sales job that you’ve always known you had to do.

Embrace the fear, overome yourself, and go learn that skill that is called: selling!


(Which  is perfect training for your future entrepreneurial adventure)


A sales job is the only real job you should want to have.



1. Your co-workers will motivate you and help you become a better salesman (and person).

You will work with people who are motivated!

Because usually there are team bonuses to be achieved if your team sell more on a given day.

In a safe wage jobs your employees will usually try to drag you down because they are the ones who want to get a promotion.

In sales jobs there is excactly the opposite situation. If you perform well: your co-workers will benefit from your performance and usually be paid a bonus (or they will learn from you).

You can fly solo or you can work in a sales team. Working in a team is fantastic because you will all help each other out.

I had the feeling that at my ‘safe’ wage job my co-workers were always sabotaging me. And the amount of gossip that I encountered was bone-wrecking.

At my sales job I immediately knew everyone was honest and open about everything. It is the complete opposite of working at a wage job.

It might just be that some of your colleagues will turn to become some of your best friends.


Working in a team always beats individual performance.


2. You get paid what you’re worth


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After a day’s work will precisely know what amount of cash you have generated for your company.

It could be 0,

it could be 90,-

or it could be 356,- .

Hell it could even be $123,431,27 or more! It all depends on your score.

This is unlike a regular job where you work for an hourly wage. When you work for a wage it could be that you are busting your ass all day while your co-worker isn’t doing jack shit. This would make you rightfully angry because you and your colleague would both get paid 90 dollars but you did all the work that day.

This tension and stress does not exist at a sales job.

There is no tension because no one needs to tell you when you do a lousy job. You will know it yourself because you won’t have sold shit.


Money for nothing! Play to win!


3. You get pushed to perform

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Your colleagues, coach, and the entire sales team will help you and push you to your highest potential. And even beyond that if let them.

And as a result your will come back a stronger, better, faster, and more resilient salesman.

If you do not perform, you will not get paid at a sales job.

It also is extremely motivating. You get to work with targets. And it is your goal to reach them.

Target’s can either scare you or motivate you.


Are you going to let your limits define you?

Or will you define your limits?


4. You learn valueable people skills

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If you are a social retard and you find it hard to connect to people… then get into sales!

You will quickly learn what you’ve been doing wrong all the time.

The people who work at sales companies are all quite good at social settings and talking. They know how people work and it will be hugely beneficial to your personal development.

They know ‘how to handle’ many different types of customers. That includes: poor people, rich people, nerds, hipsters, even customers that weren’t even thinking of buying etc. All different kinds of customers who will end up buying your product!

You will learn how to emotionally engage them and how to influence their decision making processes!

They will also teach you how to pick up women and be more attractive to women.

You will learn some serious game in being in a sales job.

The people skills you will develop in a sales team are priceless and you get to practice them everyday while being paid for them!


Sympathy for the devil baby!

5. You will get to learn sides of yourself you never knew before.

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At a sales job you will have to stand up for yourself and make that sale.
You will push past boundaries that you knew didn’t even exist before.

You will have days where all the world will collide against you succeeding. And you will have days where the sales will just fly into your hands.

You will push yourself to earn more cash and as you do this you will learn sides about yourself that you’ve knew before.

The more you push yourself the deeper you will get to know yourself. And these insights are life changing!


Only in hindsight can you honestly reflect and learn from your actions.


6. You will learn what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

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One of the biggest lessons I learned from being a salesman is that you basically are a hired-entrepreneur selling a product.

You can decide to work two hours a day and reach your desired goal in those two hours that you spend the rest of the day drinking coffee on a terrace and talking to women.

You can decide not to come to work if you feel sick. There will not a be nagging manager asking you where you’ve been. (unless you promised to come.)

You can decide to work 12 hours a day and sell huuuge amounts of products and earn big stacks of $.

You can decide to work 2 hours a day and be satisfied with that. (as long as you reached the target).

You can come to work wearing sloppy clothes and sandals (and fail selling)

You can come to work wearing a three piece suit (and demand success).

You are given almost 95% freedom of what to do and think. Just as long as you are selling. (like an entrepreneur).


It’s all yours. You are that captain behind the wheel. The destination is set. What course of action will you be taking?


7. The people at sales jobs are enthusiastic!

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Reached target = party party party!

Didn’t reach target = no option = make more sales!

People at a regular job usually are boring and complaining to you about how their life sucks bla bla bla.

People at a sales job will always be motivated and not accept your complaining. There is no time to complain. There is only time to make sales and time to party. Bascially there is only ‘fun time’!

Other jobs will usually limit your freedom by keeping you at a desk, picking up the phone answering stupid questions, or being called to the boss  and explaining why you were 3 minutes late to a useless meeting. What about attending ridiculous political correct HR meetings.

All that doesn’t exist at a sales job.

At a sales job you have a motivated team who will say whatever they want!

At a sales job you will have a cool department that promotes succss and personal growth!

At a sales job you have bonuesses and gifts to achieve!

At a sales job you usually have big parties when you reach a target or go over and beyond it. Parties that really go through the roof!


Work hard, play harder


8. You will have a mentor or coach who will help you grow.

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You will also have a mentor or coach who will teach you all the basics, fundamentals, and advanced learning material.

Your coach or mentor will guide you and help you solve all the problems you will encounter.

Whereas in wage jobs your coach or mentor is always lacking or ignorant or busy updating his social media status, your sales coach will be flying all over in an instant to help you solve your problems and turn you into a giant. This is because it will benefit the entire sales unit you are working in.

Your sales coach has a number of years of experience which will be valueable knowledge for you as a starter.

I learned many things about myself that I wouldn’t have if I never tried a sales job.

During six months of selling newspaper subscriptions in all major cities in the Netherlands I learned that:

  1. One of my biggest strengths is: not giving up
  2. I can become a professional at anything I want if I put in the time.
  3. When you feel you can’t give any more you’ve only reached 40% of your total reserves.
  4. Social interactions are skills that you must develop.
  5. Selling is a game. A fun game.
  6. Results come from expertise, knowledge, and being motivated.
  7. Life is too short not try anything you like.
  8. Earning an hourly wage will kill your drive and motivation to do anything. While earning a comission is motivating and will drive you to excel and achieve more.
  9. Competition is great. You either win the game or win a lesson. There is never a loss with competition.
  10. Ego and fear will hinder your growth.
  11. Every idea, thought, plan, or product that you want to get into action. You first have to ‘sell’ it to the people who will help you realize it.
  12. Selling is like fishing or hunting. It gives you thrills. It’s fun!

If you don’t give sales a shot you never know what you will miss.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor selling

Go make that sale!


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