How Intermittent Fasting Raises Your Energy Levels, Testosterone, and Mental Clarity

Each and everyone of our doctors and medical ‘experts’ advise us to eat many small meals throughout the day. For years I would follow this eating pattern as follows:

  • Breakfast, a small snack afterwards.
  • Lunch, followed by small snacks afterwards as well. (chocolate)
  • Then a big dinner with a desert and just some potato chips before bed. 6 Meals in total.

It all came down to eating every 2-3 hours.


What I’ve realized last year is that it is better to eat one big meal a day and then not eat anything for 24 hours…


This is called intermittent fasting. It basically means you eat all year meals in a time span of 2-4 hours and then not consume any food for 20-16 hours.

Fatso’s would ask me:.. Why would you do that? Isn’t that unhealthy? To which I reply No.

In my honest opinion eating one big meal is healthier than constantly bombarding your digestive track with food to be processed.

See, it takes a whole lot of energy to convert meat, potatoes, bread, and vegetables into energy.

First the food has to be chewed and extra saliva has to be formed in your mouth.

Second, the food has to be transported to your stomach where the stomach acid further breaks down the food. Then your food goes down a long 10 meter long tube made of muscles that are rhythmically sqeezing and mushing your food further down into small particles. These small particles can enter the bloodstream and be used as energy, building particles, or other uses.

All this takes a lot of energy. So if we would eat 6 times a day this process would also take place six times a day.

Enter intermittent fasting

Eating one meal per day is called Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a ‘dieting plan’ where one eats one big meal in the day (preferably in the evening) and then one eats nothing for let’s say 24 hours or 20 hours.

During these 24-20 hours the body is not busy digesting food and this will give you the following benefits as experienced by myself:

  • More mental clarity (because there is more blood availlable in your brain which would otherwise be in your stomach).
  • More energy (again, more blood availlable in your body for the use of vascular muscles and not to be used to digest food).
  • More testosterone and human growth hormone. Because the stomach is not constantly full and your body now feels the need to ‘perform’ a.k.a. hunt!  Therefore additional testosterone and human growth hormone is produced by your body. As well as adrenalin and other ‘ good hormones’. This will boost your sex drive, energy levels, and your positive thinking. I had random boners, sexual thoughts, and denser stronger muscles the minute I started intermittent fasting.
  • It is known that during eating your testosterone levels plumment. So eating all day long means lower testosteone levels during the day. Lower testosterone levels means; more depression, lack of drive,  and brain fog.
  • No ‘after lunch slumps’. Because your gut system will not have to digest food after your lunch you will have more energy to get things done and as a results your working hours are ending earlier in the day.
  • During your 24 hour fast. Your bowels and gut system get a rest from breaking down food and so they can focus on cleaning your internal system of bad cells, old cells, dead cells, toxins, and other waste material that otherwise keeps sticking to the internal wall of your guts. It is commonly known that older people get sicker quicker than younger people and I am convinced this is due to the fact that they have much more waste material in their bodies.
  • It is better for your financial expenses. Food is expensive and by eating a double meal at night and skipping all other meals you cut your food expenses in half. Which means more money in the bank (or a quality steak in the evening, yum!).
  • You will lose weight (especially fat) and gain more muscle due to the rise in human growth hormone.

How Do I Fast Intermittendly?

Fasting intermittendly is not easy for a beginner. By skipping breakfast and lunch your body the first few times your body will ‘start screaming’ for food as soon as 1 o’ clock passes if you are a beginner.

This is just your body reacting to your new style of eating. It took me around three days to control this ‘hunger feeling’. After a week of Intermittent Fasting my body was totally adjusted to only eating dinner and I had no ‘hunger pangs’ anymore.

Drink extra distilled water to overcome the unger pains. The water will fill up your stomach and as such the sensation of hunger will subside tremendously.

As your energy levels increase it will be very strange for you to notice that while you haven’t eaten, you will have more energy. At least that’s what I experienced. It was actually scary in the beginning to have more energy while not having eaten. It felt weird but exciting.

Remember that those deep feelings of appetite that you will get in the beginning are just ‘knee-jerk’ reactions of your body and they will subside in time. Eventually you will get acustomed to not eating in the morning and afternoon.

Keep a record in a notebook of when you are able to eat. Set an alarm at 19:00 pm in the evening. After 19:00 you are allowed to eat. This will help you to stay accountable for yourself.

Also, don’t buy any snacks. Only buy food you have to prepare. This makes it easier to withstand the appetite of snacking.

My Experiences

I started intermittent fasting last year (2017) around January and have been doing it for over a year now. Although I am not a doctor and I do not give out medical advice I can testifty that Intermittent Fasting has helped me getting a whole truckload full of energy, stamina, and sexual energy that otherwise I would have missed. It is a great cure for depression or malaise and it is the way we humans actually should live in my opinion.

In nature we see lots of animals who fast intermittendly, usually for a few days actually. Only domesticated groups of cows, sheep chicken, and other animals who are fattening up for slaughter are constantly eating read: grazing. Other animals only eat when they really need to. When animals are sick they do not eat. They fast while they are sick. This is because then their entire body needs to use all availlable energy for overcoming the sickness.

Especially Lions, Wolves, and Tigers are nature’s prime examples of intermitting fasting animals. They eat BIG once every three to four days and then don’t eat anything in between. As a result they are the most ferociest hunters of the animal kingdom.

Opinions of others

Don’t tell anyone your plan of intermittent fasting unless you are sure they are open-minded enough because literally everyone will try to talk you out of following this dieting plan.

It is utter nonsense according to them, or unhealthy, or bad for your hormones and body, or whatever emotional excuse they will bring up to you. They will think you get anhorexia or that you have become crazy. This extra hassle is just not worth it so keep it a secret. Especially during the first week when you plan on beginning to fast intermittendly.

Just know that it is they who don’t understand why you do it and not you. Don’t tell anyone you are going to fast intermittendly, especially in the beginning. It is going to be an extra burdon on yourself and it will be only harder for you to get into this new style of eating if others are going to interfere with your plan. To get through the ‘appetite pangs’ it is very hard when someone is going to constantly offer you food for instance, or while someone is constantly giving you emotional BS because they know you are fasting

If you decide to give in to their please and eat something you will feel instant regret. Remind yourself that it is only the first three days that it will be hard to not eat. After three days it gets easier each passing day.

What will you experience?

Especially in the beginning you will feel ‘hunger pains’ for three days during breakfast and lunch. Make it a goal not to eat until six in the evening and than feast like a lion on a double dinner. Think of steak and potatoes (for which you now have the money since you do not spend it on breakfast or lunch). After three days your body has slowly adjusted to this new style of eating and it will become easier.

You will notice you have extra saliva in your mouth during the day. You will feel more mental clarity, be quick in your judgements, and you will have lots and lots of energy. I recall being able to work for 10 hours straight and not even feel tired. I am superman now.

After one week your body will be completely adjusted to fast intermittendly and you will start to feel disgust at the thought of eating food for breakfast or lunch. Especially high sugary foods like cake and breads turn me off in an instant now. You will know that this food will slow you down for the day and take away all your energy.

Take the word of a 25 year old experienced faster who has fasted intermittendly for over one year.

It’s definetly worth to experiment with it at least!

With regards

Sebastian Heart

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