17 Essential Things You Will Only Learn At A Sales Job

February 17, 2018 SebastianHeart 0

I’ve been working in a salescompany for over 8 months now. I started out as a trainee and in working 5 fulltime days for 8 months I achieved the highest achievable position in the company:  Senior Captain. My secret? Give 150% each and every day Help others Learn fom the best Never quit. I learned many other great things that will help everyone whether they are in a sales career or not. These lessons cannot

12 Reasons Why Alcohol Is Bad For You

February 16, 2018 SebastianHeart 0

For all you drinkers out there. Since 2016 I have been completely sober. And my life is better than ever before! Staying sober is fine. Drinking one or twee beers with dinner is fine. Getting completely wasted 3 days out the week is not fine. Read my experience below. My (short) history with alcohol. I drank my first beer when I was 15. It felt like a good thing to do when I ordered one

Why You Should Only Drink Distilled Water

February 15, 2018 SebastianHeart 2

Why water is important Water is important to us. We humans exist for 60-70% of out of water. Water allows our brains to think. Water allows our muscles to function. Water makes sure all of our bodily process interact. Water is important to all life forms on Earth! Would the quality of water that we drink therefore affect the way we think, work, and act? After realizing this I began investigating the quality of water that we

How Intermittent Fasting Raises Your Energy Levels, Testosterone, and Mental Clarity

February 13, 2018 SebastianHeart 0

Each and everyone of our doctors and medical ‘experts’ advise us to eat many small meals throughout the day. For years I would follow this eating pattern as follows: Breakfast, a small snack afterwards. Lunch, followed by small snacks afterwards as well. (chocolate) Then a big dinner with a desert and just some potato chips before bed. 6 Meals in total. It all came down to eating every 2-3 hours.   What I’ve realized last

Get A Sales Job

December 4, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

*play song below   (If you must get a job). Get a Sales Job Sales jobs are for action takers. Are you fed up with your current working situation and want to get out of the safe boring job? Are you still in college and have no clue what to do after you graduate? Are you a high school dropout and aspire to become a millionaire?   Then get into the unknown exciting sales job

12 Reasons Why You Should Not Go To College Or University.

November 20, 2017 SebastianHeart 2

1. College does not bring any rewards College does not bring you any tangible rewards other than an expensive piece of paper that you will get after some years. No experiences, no cash, and no knowledge. College only brings you theory. Lots and lots of theory. We all know: The theory is never the same as in practice. 2. College does not make you smarter The stuff that they teach you in college does not

You Feel Blue? Let Me Introduce North Korea To You.

August 15, 2017 SebastianHeart 2

From: Sebastian Heart Let me introduce you to the people who live in North Korea. Above you see a picture of Korea from space. As you can see North Korea it is very dark compared to South Korea. North Korea is a communist country and South Korea is a free country. Living in North Korea is like living in George Orwell’s ‘1984’. The leaders there are worshiped as Gods. They are the heads of the nation

Why A Bully Is A Good Friend

May 22, 2017 SebastianHeart 1

Bullies will bully when they sense someone else’s fear. Bullies are simply insecure people who have never overcame any challenges themselves. Bullies want to domineer others because it makes them less nervous about themselves. It usually is some kind of nagging, teasing, or testing. “Oh hey there little guy, how you doing? What? Are you upset because I am bullying you? What are you going to do about it huh? I guess nothing because you are too scared…

14 Overlooked Simple Things Every Man Should Do

May 9, 2017 SebastianHeart 4

1. Sweat regularly Sweating is a must. While you are sweating your body releases toxins in your skin and lets out it out through sweating. Sweat at least thrice a week. Doesn’t matter where, just do it! 2. Do not speak too much Listen more and speak less. If you talk openly about your plans and goals you trick your brain into thinking you have already completed them and you won’t work as driven on