Stop Drinking The Supermarket Milk

November 29, 2016 SebastianHeart 0

Stop Drinking The Supermarket Milk – Our Milk and Meat exposed – by Sebastian Heart ce This isn’t a happy article, it is an article in the ‘cold truth series’. I’ve stopped drinking milk completely for over a year due to a tip from a friend of mine. Since then I’ve experienced tremendous health benefits. My gut problems became less, my eczema flared up less, and I felt calmer and stronger. For these reasons I decided

How To Run A Marathon

November 9, 2016 SebastianHeart 0

by Sebastian “V12” Heart Update* 05.05.2017 After my second marathon (Marathon of Rotterdam) I experienced some trouble with the beating of my heart. I trained way less for the second marathon and as a result I had heartache for two months after that Marathon. Do not train too less. Be well prepared especially if you are a newb to marathon running like I am. (Source) 9th of November 2016 — — —   A Marathon Run

Have A Mission

October 25, 2016 SebastianHeart 0

Have A Mission by Sebastian “V12” Heart A life without a mission is an empty life. It is mostly a cycle of: work, girls, food, sex, consumption, and social events. Many people go through this cycle these days, developing a condition we now know as: “being depressed”.   There are no reasons to ever be depressed considering the the options the internet gives us these days. (internet = all the information you need, billions of options, and worldwide connectivity) We

10 Ways To Stay Motivated Every Day

August 29, 2016 SebastianHeart 2

  Many people on planet Earth have a: “I wish I could do (…)” attitude.  The simple difference between dreamer’s and doer’s is that the doer’s have a take action attitude, while the dreamers rather spend the day dreamin’ what could’ve been. The dreamer does only that; dreaming, which is nothing. The doer puts in time to do what he dreams of tonight. It’s tough in the beginning, but he finds that his work get’s easier and

Why You Should Quit Masturbating to Internet Pornography

August 10, 2016 SebastianHeart 2

I believe indulging in a daily masturbating ritual to pornography is detrimental to your success and physical and mental wellbeing. If you happen to be embarrassed upon reading the title of this article, I understand your feelings. It is a taboo topic. But a very relevant one, and a very interesting one. Why You Should Quit Masturbating to Pornography Also Known As: The Transmutation of Sexual Energy = Focusing your sexual energy into creativity, drive, passion, and mental clarity, From Sebastian

Raising Your Living Space Quality

July 16, 2016 SebastianHeart 0

There’s a reason why prospect soldiers are drilled into keeping their rooms, beds and themselves clean and good looking during boot camp.  In addition to learning some discipline; they experience the difference between living careless and living clean. They quickly find out that living clean and sharp feels fantastic. Here’s some ideas to consider. 1. Less is More When your house is stashed full with stuff and furniture like down below, it stresses you all the more because that material

How To Quit Smoking

June 20, 2016 SebastianHeart 0

How To Quit Smoking From the desk of Sebastian Heart No one truly enjoys smoking cigarettes, yet many people cannot let go of smoking. Smoking is a social drug, usually because smokers are not comfortable in their own skin in public areas or social habitats, so they need that nicotine high to function. Being addicted to smoking feels tremendously bad and it is uncomfortable. Your mind is designed to keep you busy, and by smoking, you are

Medical Disclaimer

June 13, 2016 SebastianHeart 4

Medical Disclaimer The website does not contain medical advice. The author of this website, Sebastian Heart, is not a doctor. The contents of this website, such as text, graphics, images and other material are intended for informational and educational purposes only and not for the purpose of rendering medical advice. The contents of this website are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Although we take efforts to keep the medical

The 12 Ways To Regain Command

June 3, 2016 SebastianHeart 8

Pictured: Sebastian in the mountainous area of Sa Pa in Vietnam 2015, doing some good old push ups in the fresh forest mountain air. The 12 Ways To Regain Command By Sebastian Heart 1. Dress Yourself Well. If you look good, you’ll feel good. A good fitting cotton shirt with a nice pair of jeans, brown shoes, a brown leather belt with brown leather shoes looks smart. Think of leather jackets, boots, shirts, ties, strong jeans, and a sharp watch.

So You Want to Start Bodybuilding?

May 22, 2016 SebastianHeart 8

So You Want To Start Bodybuilding? By Sebastian Heart Lifting weights for more than three years has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Becoming stronger has always has been a great way for men to explore their inner souls while building their bodies literally from the ground up. When you get big, your life gets better in all ways. People will start to admire you, rush to do things for you, guys will respect