Why You Should Never Smoke Marijuana

March 13, 2017 SebastianHeart 0

I am from the Netherlands, the country where buying and consuming weed is semi-illegal. I don’t care about whether weed should be legalized or not. What I care about  is that you; the reader of my blog, should know the consequences of smoking weed, that is my concern. I am not telling to stop smoking marijuana, we live in a free world and anyone is free to do what he or she wants. I am telling you what

How To Meditate And Become Balanced Again

January 26, 2017 SebastianHeart 2

Recently I overheard a conversation I’ve heard a million times before. I listened to twoe two guys who were talking on a terrace. The conversation they had was about life and every aspect of it, especially life’s choices. The first guy was nervously stating all his problems like a little kid: “I’m worrying so much about everything, all night I am thinking, twisting, and turning and I cannot seem to come to a decision. By